Leo, you’ve been thinking of important, big goals lately through feeling inspired, or having no other choice than to make changes. Possibilities are open and urgent early this month. Try smoking some Orange Haze, a sweet hybrid for its inspirational, euphoric, uplifting effects. It’ll help when you’re fleshing out the goals. Friends can urge you on in your plans, but don’t overload- be honest with yourself and higher ups about what you can do. This full moon, make time for self and loved ones, but also to look out for yourself and change a circumstance that you feel is unfair. Focus in end of month for meeting new people, in the real world! It’ll be fun but sometimes stressful to do all these activities, so roll a joint with that balanced hybrid and address negative feelings that may inhibit your big goals.

Virgo, much of your May will be spent thinking of other places  to discover. Don’t become bored, instead improve yourself through learning. Cannabis like Royal Jack Automatic might quell itchiness to go before you’re ready. The sativa-feeling hybrid will deliver on a heady happiness that gets you motivated. If you’re feeling stuck, book a trip in advance now! It will also take the edge off of professional pressure you might experience. Explain to both your work and home fronts the kind of support you need to avoid failure, or grow from it. The full moon can bring clarity over an uncertain communication, so use it for a constructive conversation. Sharing a joint could be enough social grease to move that wheel. By the end of month, you’ll be feeling more grounded and ready to address those adventure cravings.


Libra, everyone sees you’ve been working hard lately on yourself and for your loved ones, so feel free to devote time to rest early May. The start of this month also has some serious potential for romance intensifying, or a reaffirmation of care for your partner. Still, your mind will be busy in the background, planning and thinking on financial security. Many stresses have been adding up, but try to see big picture- it may resolve some of your minute concerns. Cannabis that will best benefit you won’t increase your worry and paranoia, but a feeling calm and balance, found in indicas like Hindu Kush. Your hustling and efforts should yield progress mid month, so if you need to unwind after a big push, light that kush up and exhale your concerns- everything will be okay. And for feeling stagnant at end of month, get out of the house or find an easy, fun trip to take this summer!

Scorpio, it’s a commitment heavy month, but these connections will benefit you continuously. If you’ve been busy, prioritize time for partners and close friends individually. Whatever the commitments may be, talk them out and move slowly. Smoking cannabis for discussion and conversation, like the fruity Hawaiian. It’s euphoric, yet prompting chattiness and will get the thoughts moving from your head, out into the world, but embedded with positivity. Not every person or situation is destiny, and you will need to work that out through communication. You could experience serious jealousy before full moon, so be extra mindful to not let those emotions derail a relationship. The full moon itself will see a personal goal completed, so be proud! At the end of the month will need you to refocus what is important to you in the midst of being asked to make promises, so take an edible and sleep on any decisions before they’re final.

Sagittarius loves trying to take on lots of tasks without completing all of them- but you’ll get a lot done in May. Health and planning is important, but you will be super busy, so don’t neglect yourself. It’s the right time to get back into workout routine and nutritious habits, and not just because summer is imminent. Cannabis best suited for you this month will energize and activate your body, something like Green Crack. Even with extra energy, you must learn to delegate when possible, don’t do everything alone. Getting ahead now will relieve you later! This full moon should mark beginning or end to cycle- what began 6 months ago that is seeing itself fulfilled now? Listen to your intuition about where to focus energy next! At the end of the month, you’ll be tired and selective with attention. Talk with romantic or working partners so you and them can understand how to collaborate even better in the moments you reserve for them. If possible, smoke a bowl with them and create an open, communicative mood.

Capricorn, it’s a creative, active, passionate time for you most of the month. Lots of ideas to share, and attraction might be getting intense. Perhaps you’re seeking wider audience for art or ideas- get the word out and share in any way you can! Cannabis that will guide your efforts will bring about powerful euphoria, imagination, and bodily relaxation for your health. Chemdawg is an ideal hybrid for those needs. The full moon will inspire you to help and enact change, so find a cause your ideals support. Mid month, you’ll want to cut out excess drama, so don’t feel guilty for needing to create a less toxic environment. You might be juggling a lot, but make sure everything you do is up to standard… mistakes could be easily made when rushed! If you become sick or unwell, don’t ignore necessary health appointments. Chemdawg can help soothe the body if you’re feeling pained. Be attentive to your mental health too- if you’ve been supporting someone else, make it clear that’s a two way street. Combining power will make life easier!

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