Aquarius, it’s a good, productive month! You should consider smoking the sativa strain, Durban Poison for managing tasks, and some strong indica edibles to wind down and get good rest. Lots going on, including planning and looking ahead. Take care of your home- if there’s a plumbing problem, fix it. Resolve conflicts, address paperwork, like money hassles with formal agencies. A career improvement should come mid month, full moon, and your family will appreciate any help you can provide them. It doesn’t have to be financial! Interactions with lovers will also be positive, so celebrate them first half of this month if you can… you’ll be busy the rest of May. If seeking job security, odds are you’ll find it- ride this good wave, Aquarius!

Pisces, this May, new, exciting ideas may be flourishing. Consider cannabis strains for social fun, but also productivity if struggling to get over a hump- I like a mellow hybrid like Banana Kush. You’ll be creating in your way. It’s a good time to brainstorm! You can also expect some financial gain. Mid month, expect to finish a work or personal project in time for the full moon! You’ll be craving both excitement and comfort. Best to take care of your home and relationships earlier in the month- you’ll want to communicate, flirt and be social the latter half. Yet, a deep emoter, will find chances to get close to your loved ones.

Aries, you’ll feel like collecting focus, and getting to work, as distractions have passed. This May, consider social productive strains with a low paranoia risk, like Silver Haze. You could use the fun, but also want to grind out work! If you feel the natural boost of willpower and energy, use it to stop a bad habit you’ve been intending- cannabis can be a helpful aid. Start a project you’ve been thinking about, or maybe revisit one that’s been waiting! Perhaps it’s learning a new skill. The full moon will reveal a secret that might present challenged, but persevere. Things could get sexy in romantic or business relationships, so make those connections and collaborate!

Taurus, have you been feeling like yourself lately? You prefer to change on your terms, but don’t love it. Cannabis for you this month would ideally be an indica for reducing growing pains, like Cannatonic. A popular all around medical-treatment strain that soothes discomfort, a state to which you are adverse. Love to care for others and yourself. Are able to focus on self care again. New moon will mark start of a reinvention for you. Can become overwhelmed, make sure to budget and plan. Time is right for recognizing partners, in work or love. Stick to a plan and all will be good.

Gemini, you might feel burnt out in May’s start. Take care of little tasks so you can take on new ideas. For a busy mind, take this opportunity to practice meditation. You might need a little extra help to take it all on, though… Cannabis that will best serve you will include strains for serious productivity, like Cinex, and for your desired calmer mood, like Purple Urkle. Wrapping up a project means being able to take on new adventures. You might have an honest conversation you’re not ready for, but will be grateful after issues are resolved. The full moon will spur you to make decisions about your wellbeing in choosing non-toxic relationships. And of the month, financial pressure is on so take it head on! Then celebrate!

Cancer, you’re on a rollercoaster this month. Friends new and old, time to recollect in between. Cannabis that would be most helpful during this time of ups and downs would be a balanced strain. Dutch Treat is a nice hybrid for stress reduction and a peaceful mind. It should steady your mood in times of both respite and excitement. Try optimizing the way you use the internet for connectivity this month- everyone wants to reach out lately. You will need to rest amidst all this activity, so mid month, make sure to make time for self care. If you’ve been thinking of counseling or working with a life, coach, do it! The second half of month will be stimulating- goal wise, sex wise. Remember to lean on your friends for support if you feel overwhelmed!

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