Hot, iced or blended tea is a drink for all seasons. Aside from water, it’s the world’s most popular beverage. According to the Tea Association of the U.S, over 80 percent of households stock tea. This choice beverage is the perfect way to unwind and can only be made better by the addition of cannabis. Before you put on the kettle, get familiar with a few different ways to make cannabis tea.

Steep the plant

Sure, you can steep tea with dried cannabis flowers by treating them like any loose leaf variety tea but you won’t get most THC. Raw cannabis tea has been around for centuries, according to Honest Marijuana. This is by far the simplest way to experiment with cannabis tea and a great beverage for beginners or those how are looking to keep their THC intake low.

If you’re looking to get more THC in your cup, you’ll need to take the cannabis through the process of decarboxylation. According to Leafly, decarboxylation is necessary for your body to absorb THC and CBD. Simply bake your buds at a 220-235 degrees for about half an hour. This process is also important for any cannabis bakers and chefs.

Add a cannabis infusion

This recipe preparation works best with hot drinks like tea lattes. Infusions can be made using heart-healthy coconut oil or neutral oils that promise not to leave that telltale pot aftertaste. Add a creamy note to your favorite hot tea drinks with these smooth infusions – think hot tea lattes rather than iced drinks. Like the popular bulletproof coffee – coffee infused with butter or oil – cannabis infusions will add a creamy layer to hot drinks. Make a trendy turmeric golden milk latte with a cannabis infusion or add soe THC to your go-to hot chai.

Use a cannabis tincture

Similar to many cocktail recipes, cannabis tinctures can be used to make tea. Infusions are made by steeping cannabis or cannabis extracts in alcohol. These ultra-concentrated liquids should be used with caution – a little goes a long way. A few drops can add a dose of THC or CBD to your favorite iced  or hot tea with minimal effort. Tinctures work well in hot or cold beverages and won’t leave an oily layer like some oil-based infusions.

Flavor with honey

Another low-effort option is to purchase a ready-to-use cannabis-infused honey. Stir honey into hot tea and enjoy or pour over ice for a refreshing summer drink. Use infused honey to add a touch of sweetness to black or Earl Grey tea. Be warned that THC-infused honey may be difficult to dose since the THC may not be evenly distributed in the honey. Not to mention that pouring a perfect teaspoon full of honey is an art itself

If tea isn’t your beverage of choice, these easy recipe ideas can be translated into coffee or hot chocolate. Experiment with different infusion methods, brewing methods and tea varieties for your soon-to-be-signature drink.

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