October 23 – November 22

Scorpio, if you’ve ever read your horoscope before, you know that your personality can be considered stinging by many. You’re independence is deeply admirable- the other signs look up to you when they need a dose of strength themselves. You enjoy the company of yourself above others, and definitely will bite if you’re feeling crowded. Scorpios display maturity early in life, leading a life of tenacity. You’re one of the more fearless signs, carrying your confidence into relationships (the ones you choose to foster), passions, and work. You’re bold, courageous and prone to sticking up for others who are too meek to do so, but only if they side with you.

You, strong Scorpio, have an investigative thought pattern, always looking to understand “why” and understand others around you. You may have been accused of being manipulative at times, being misunderstood by the rest of the zodiac. They may perceive your desire for leadership and understanding as an attempt to control others. While it is true you like to be in control, your perceptiveness and confidence can be scary. Scorpios’ self control of their passionate, emotional, resolute inner selves makes you appear hard to approach. Many of the other signs feel like they can’t relate to you, Scorpio, but you’re a deep feeling person.

Scorpio has a knack for a correct intuition, so if you feel something in your gut, it’s good to heed it. The friends you do have are a tight circle, but you will protect them, keep their secrets, and offer excellent advice. If you use your powers for good, Scorpio, you can break down some of the misunderstandings surrounding your sign. Hell hath no fury like a Scorpio and you will burn someone you feel has wronged you, badly. Your innate intelligence of your surroundings can sometimes result in paranoia, which can unleash the rage that could be brewing under your calm surface. Be careful that your confidence and privacy isn’t construed as plotting against others.

Clearly, the cannabis strain for Scorpio should be considered cautiously. You’ll want something that can soothe aggression, calm the ever-working mechanics of your mind, and avoids further paranoia than you may already experience. Sativa is probably not going to give you those results! Stephen Hawking Kush is a powerful indica, often used as a sleep sedative for its high THC level. The euphoria experienced with this strain is just the right high for taking that aggressive edge off, and create an overall sense of calm. If you’re being kept up at night by active, incessant thoughts, a few more hits of Stephen Hawking should put you perfectly to sleep. For the Scorpio who values their independence so much, I think just a small bowl in their favorite pipe is the right method of intake. You can control the volume of smoke you ingest, and will be able to use your skills of judgment to know when you need another hit, and when you’re feeling right. Scorpio, the right cannabis will soften those sharp edges, without softening your sharp mind.


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