I’m in Culver City for the week and what better way to take in my new surroundings than with a relaxing smoke sesh to start the day. I discovered a new delivery service near the Venice area called Dank 4 Less. They live up to their name by providing a wide variety of strains for cheaper than I’m used to seeing out here in LA. After copious amounts of scrolling through Weedmaps, I settled on a strain called Louis Vuitton Kush. Not only does it look dank, but the name is fancy. I like fancy things and Louis Vuitton Kush wasn’t something I could pass up. At 14 grams for $50, this was an absolute steal!


The Louis Vuitton Kush strain has a noticeably sweet smell. I couldn’t immediately put my finger on it but the more I opened the bag, the more it smells earthy and fresh, like sage. The nugs range in size from golf ball to pebble. They’re dense and moist without being sticky, making it super easy to break up with my hands. This strain is characterized by its dark green nugs with flecks of purple and orange. LV Kush looks regal enough to carry the name of the luxury apparel titan.

This time I was searching for something that wasn’t too strong in smell or effect and Louis Vuitton Kush happened to be just that. I don’t mean to brag, but I sure know how to pick em! The scent doesn’t permeate the room like dank buds tend to do. It also doesn’t linger to clothes for too long, which is a plus for me. The strength really depends on the dosage, but LV Kush generally hovers around 19% THC.


The first time I tried LV Kush was at nighttime before bed. I tried it the next morning and it gave me a spontaneous burst of productivity. After the blunt I hit the comic book store, but alas I was too early. Instead, I booked it across the street, noticing the salon was open. I got my eyebrows done and would’ve gotten my nails done on the spot if only the manicurist didn’t require appointments. Upon first impression, this strain seems to be great for feeling calm, inducing hunger, promoting happiness, increasing focus, and aiding with sleep. It helps a little bit with pain but isn’t a strain I’d go to for anything too severe. The pain relief is due to the anti-inflammatory properties of cannabis. Caryophyllene is a terpene found in most cannabis strains that offers pain relief.


LV Kush is undoubtedly dank! I would recommend this to anyone looking for a strain with calming effects that promotes productivity! It is also really great for sleep and reducing anxiety. Louis Vuitton Kush is the strain I’d reach for when I’m having a rough day, in an awful mood, or just need to generally feel less stressed. Louis Vuitton Kush is elegance and style rolled into one. This is a quality indica worth trying that won’t break the bank.

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