This year has started off with a bang when it comes to great strains.

Last week I sampled some top-notch Pre-98 Bubba Kush and this week I got hooked up again. My close friend and grower, Dr.D kicked me down with a little bundle of love and dropped off a bag of his Purple Punch that he had just cured. To give you a little background,  Purple Punch is an indica dominant strain that combines The Larry OG Kush with Grand Daddy Purple. Now, I grew some outdoor Purple Punch last year and I wasn’t completely blown away. My nugs were tiny and didn’t have the flavor I was hoping for, but with Dr.D’s stash, it was a whole different ballgame.

At first look, these were nicely grown, dense, resin-coated nugs with colors of deep orange and purple. Nothing like the weak popcorn buds I harvested last fall. Upon opening the bag I was hit with a smell of diesel and grapefruit with a hint of cherry. As I ground up the buds I could smell more of her earthy skunk tones that were nice and pungent. I decided to roll this up into a joint and it was almost too sticky. Luckily, it was smokeable and on my first toke, I was hit with deep berry and kush flavors. I was able to taste her skunk and citrus notes on my palette and throughout my lungs, so it was some pungent and heavy smoke. Once I exhaled my eyes closed for a good 5 seconds as I caught my breath. This was some super duper dank, grown to perfection. The high went straight to the brain and I was feeling it after one toke. After a second rip, I was baked and good to go. Now, this was most definitely some couch-lock weed. I didn’t get anything done other than a nice healthy nap after watching an episode of “Saved by the Bell”.  I would not recommend this strain for the less tolerant.

Overall, I found this sample of Purple Punch to be a holy grail strain. When grown properly this cut does serious damage in a great way. If you’re looking for an Indica to help with pain relief and insomnia this is your ticket. After sampling the true Purple Purple, I have to give it a pungency score of 9.1/10 and a potency score of 9.7/10 as it put me down. If you see the Purple Punch at your local dispensary and it looks good, don’t hesitate to give her a shot, as you will not be let down.

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