November 23 – December 21

Sagittarius, the fiery archer, is a curious wanderer who will forge their own path. I ought to know, being born under this sign. I personally identify greatly with my sign, but I promise to write with as little bias as possible for a Sag. You, Sagittarius, become restless easily, growing anxious when finding yourself stuck in a routine a little too long. You love to explore and adventure, looking for all the best experiences the mysteries of the world could hold! You’ll try anything once, at least, and definitely the more fun ones many a time.

While others think of peace and calm as a steady state, Sagittarius is ironically most at peace in the pursuit of spiritual experiences and fulfilling their need to understand ‘why’ in almost every question. If not readily given, you will look for an explanation, Archer. Many born under this sign find Eastern philosophies will resonate deeply. Sag, you should know your intelligence requires a lot of mental stimulation to keep from feeling atrophied- keeping the mind busy is integral to your overall happiness. You’re outgoing, attuned to your moral compass, open-minded, flexible, and enthusiastic when prompted.

You love to look for the silver lining, ever the optimist. Being humanists at heart, you’re known for your warmth and friendliness, and are thrilled to share new worlds inquiring minds. To others, it may appear you’re always in the right place at the right time, but the secret is your unflappable attitude. This optimism can become problematic when Sagittarius is in denial about reality. Sometimes you exhibit irresponsibility and greediness in your quest for new experiences. Oddly enough, your restlessness can overwhelm you, and you appear lazy in wanting pleasure and fun to be handed to you without effort. Your extroversion can look like a lack of sensitivity when espousing certain truths, so watch your firey tongue, Sag. It’s beautiful that you want to feel and do everything, but that means your focus is thrown about form distraction to distraction, without completing a project, despite your creativity and ambition.

What cannabis can you recommend to the sign whose always looking for a new way to feel? You’ll try any strain and ingestion method, Sagittarius, but which one is the most quintessential you? For you, dear Archer, I prescribe Green Punch. Slightly heavy on the Sativa genetics, Green Punch is bred from Green Crack and Purple Punch, excellent strains individually. Together, Green Punch provides active mental flow from the stony relaxation combined with the energetic, cerebral, motivational head high. This is a great strain for the hardly-still Sag, while piling on the euphoria you love so much. For you, Archer, the ability to be in one state and notice it transform into another is a treasured experience, so I suggest a quality wax with which to dab. The fast acting inhale of vapor makes it the right powerful method for Sagittarius, who not only handles the hit, but savors it.

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