Humor is truth. I don’t know why that’s the case and at this particular moment I don’t care to do the research to find out. I will, however, take the liberty to speculate that it might have something to do with how little of it we usually hear in our day to day lives. How frequently will someone you know lie directly or indirectly to your face? White lies, grey lies, dark lies, you never know where they’re coming from or why. It could be your parent, lying to you your entire life and cloaking their actions in fake affection long enough so that you grow up not being able to tell what real love is. It could be a friend you’ve know for over 15 years that you realize quickly find was never your friend. So when you say, out loud, the things that are right there in front of you, most people are just shocked, lol. That’s why people like Lenny Bruce, a comedian active during the late 60’s, was so frequently arrested and banned from the clubs he performed in. He spoke radical truth on controversial issues. Impolitely.Tough ride.

Smoking weed has put me in touch with reality in a way that I would’ve never been able to understand even just a few months ago. My understanding of what’s ‘good’ and ‘bad’ has shifted, I think differently, I hear music differently, I feel differently, and I’m grateful for the shift. I feel like a truer version of myself, and I had this feeling the first few times I smoked. The real version of myself would slowly emerge and I would find all the answers I needed. I think this now means I can sort of speak the truth, or at least am getting close to being kind of able to understand it. (Thoughts to consider.)

Most comedians have not had easy lives. What kind of person needs affirming attention from an entire room of people?  And what kind of person can tell enough of the truth in a way that resonates? One that has had enough experiences to start formulating opinions on what’s going on around them and cares so little of other people’s opinions that they speak freely. What does weed do? Gets people in touch with their truth, stimulates creativity, and reduces suffering.

Seems to me it makes sense that there are high profile comedians that consume cannabis regularly. Let’s go ahead and name a few.

Dave Chappelle.

David Khari Webber Chappelle is an American comedian, actor, writer and producer whose work deals with racism, relationships, the police system in America and socio-economical issues. Best known for “Chappelle’s Show”, which first aired in 2003, he was named ‘comic genius of America’ in 2006, and subsequently was named no.9 in the top 50 comedians of all time by Rolling Stone in 2017. He currently lives in Ohio with his wife and three kids.

Lenny Bruce.

Lenny Bruce is one of the most celebrated comics in the business, and was decades ahead of his time. His delivery still seems current. His stand-up paved the way for future comedians to engage in social commentary and dealt with politics, religion, vulgarity and sex, occasionally through satire. At the time he was active, his routines routinely landed him in jail, and got him tossed out of clubs… to great worth, because an obscenity trial against him brought up issues of free speech in the U.S.

George Carlin.

George Carlin is widely held to be the master of observational dark political humor in the United States. He addressed topics like psychology, philosophy, the English language and a range of taboo subjects, for which he was put on trial in 1978. He’s stated in interviews that using marijuana helped him in his personal life.  He hosted the first episode of Saturday Night Live in 1975.

Jenny Slate.

Jenny Slate is a comedic American actress, writer and author. She’s been in and featured on shows like Parks and Recreation, Bob’s Burgers, Married, Big Mouth, and others. Originally from Massachusetts, she studied literature at Columbia, where she help form the improv group Fruit Punch. She was in the cast of Saturday Night Live for one season, from 2009-2010. She frequently smokes weed and has mentioned it in interviews… like this one with Seth Meyers.

Whoopi Goldberg.

Whoopi Goldberg is an outspoken advocate of the cannabis and CBD industry. In an interview in Forbes , she describes the medicinal value of the marijuana plant for women, which led her create Whoopi and Maya, a product line formulate to help women with discomfort during their menstrual cycles. The line features tinctures, bath soaks, chocolate and other goodies.

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