Papaya Mango OG is a daringly fruity hybrid that hails from the prestigious OG Kush line. Papaya Mango is a top shelf hybrid that is indica dominant. It’s effects may seem traditionally in accordance with sativa strains, but it has all the great effects that we love when it comes to indicas. Being a cannabis critic is far from stressful, but we can all use a bit of a vacation sometimes. Papaya Mango OG is a great way to take a trip to the islands without sparing a dime!




Papaya Mango OG was an impulse buy that I scored from a cool delivery service called LA Green Run. You can find them and many other delivery services in your area using WeedMaps. It was the name of this strain that initially drew me in. LA Green Run painted Papaya Mango OG as a top shelf cannabis strain that produced a mentally calming feeling. They also noted that Papaya Mango OG can make users energetic and productive. At 7g for $50, this cannabis strain lives up to its namesake. It smells exactly like papaya and the taste is where the mango notes come in. Papaya Mango OG is as tasty as it is effective!




Papaya Mango OG is great for a burst of productivity. I used this strain for a ritual wake and bake session and found it to be an awesome, energizing way to begin my day. I settled in for about two hours with very little distraction and worked while somehow managing to make and have breakfast as well as a cup of tea. Showering and getting dressed were the two things I did first after using the Papaya Mango OG strain. Once the productivity and creativity began to wear down, I found myself more interested in taking a nap or going outside rather than staying indoors in front of my computer screen. Despite this urge, I instead took a break and smoked another blunt. This resulted in another burst of energy that resulted in an impromptu game of hacky sack in the backyard with my roommate using an adidas slide. It was a nice alternative workout and I found myself reenergized enough to go back in and continue working. With newfound initiative thanks to my friend Papaya Mango OG, I was able to power through my priorities and make Monday a great day to have fun.




Overall, the Papaya Mango OG strain is an amazing strain for boosts in productivity, appetite, and general happiness. I would recommend this strain to anyone looking to get more into hybrids. Don’t sleep on this awesome hybrid that beautifully fuses the best of both worlds when it comes to cannabis varieties sativa and indica. This strain is probably my Top 3 in hybrids, beating out Sunset Sherbet in the Top 5. You can read that article here if you missed it. As for the age old question: Smoke or Pass? Smoke. 100% Always smoke. Papaya Mango OG is a can’t miss hybrid that takes you to a faraway island. Where do you teleport to when you smoke this strain? Let us know in the comments below!

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