Master Jedi OG Kush is one of the lighter-handed OG Kush strains I’ve tried to date. The smell is reminiscent of Sunset Sherbet but less fruity and more dank. The Master Jedi OG Kush strain is an indica derived from combining Master Kush and Jedi Kush. Master Kush and Jedi Kush are both indicas, making Master Jedi OG particularly powerful. Its pungent smell is characteristic of OG Kush strains and its medical uses include stress, nausea, pain, and depression. Small doses of this Master Jedi OG Kush are perfect for a little boost in mood during the day! This trichome dusted strain is not one to sleep on!


Master Jedi Kush OG is a strain that has dense but pliable nugs. I would recommend using a grinder for this sticky bud, especially if you’d like to keep the copious amounts of kief covering the flower. Master Jedi has pale green nugs with smatterings of burnt orange hairs that remind me of a campfire. It smells very nice. I find the scent to be very light and fresh with some earthy, dank notes. I purchased this strain from the South LA delivery service LA Green Run. At $60 for ¼ oz it’s a strong strain well worth the $12/g.


I tried this strain with every intention of being productive after the fact. This was nearly impossible due to the nature of this awesome flower. I found myself more preoccupied with talking, inhaling every snack in sight, and playing long bouts of Guns of Boom on my phone. Sleepiness was one of the major effects I’ve noticed with the Master Jedi Kush OG strain. Taking a nap or just laying down doing nothing was more enticing than doing literally anything else after medicating with this strain. I did find that it greatly reduced stress and anxiety, making it difficult for me to fret over my lack of productivity after each blunt. This strain would be great for those who deal with depression or sometimes require a boost in mood. I always found this strain to be very relaxing to smoke. It may be more beneficial, however, to use this strain in the evening or in small doses. This strain is highly recommended for its ability to annihilate pain, anxiety, insomnia, depression, and even muscle spasms!


Overall, I feel like Master Jedi Kush OG deserves a lot more recognition among the OG strain family. It never gets overbearing or boring to smoke. The Master Jedi Kush OG strain is not one to miss out on. It’s a great strain for calming your mind and relaxing your body. The effects of this strain are also great for things like anxiety, stress, and mood! Down to the very last joint, Master Jedi Kush OG was satisfying and well worth the purchase. Master Jedi pairs well with doing nothing and sleeping. The THC levels remain untested but this powerful strain is known to create a full body experience that you’ll be feeling hours after you’ve smoked.

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