Pax has always been a respected producer of quality smoking devices.

I used a Pax Ploom Dry Herb Vaporizer a few years back and I’ll be honest, I was blown away by the overall quality and functionality of the piece. When used properly I was able to get some of the best dry herb vape hits I’ve ever had outside of a Volcano. Recently, all my buddies were raving about a new piece they had purchased, the Pax Era. This battery is used in combination with what are called Pax Pods which are just cartridges that use a new style of application to vape your oils. At my local dispensary, there were more than 20 different strains available in the Pax Pods which were extracted cannabis oil with no added terpenes.

Now at first look, the ERA looks like a Juul E-Cig and very stealth at a size of about 3″ inches long and about a 3/4″ wide. It’s not too flashy, that is until your friend pulls out the Pax App on his smartphone and is able to control the temperature to the dot with the slide of their thumb. Even cooler than that they’re able to shut it off at any moment. So let’s just say “Dirty Larry” all of a sudden gets a hold of your pen, with the push of a button on your smartphone he is denied a hit off your Era. Sorry, but I found that to be an amazing selling point. You just tell Larry the battery must have died and he won’t know a thing. The Era also has games that you can play and different features on the app and battery that the kids wouldn’t stop raving about, so apparently, this thing is even cooler than I thought.

As for functionality, I was absolutely blown away. No flimsy buttons to push or temp settings to fuss with, just inhale and voila you are hit with a phat rip of pure deliciousness. The first cartridge I got to try was the Durban Poison and let me tell you the flavor was amazing. Piney with a hint of berries, it was pure deliciousness as it left me with no burning taste and absolutely no harsh feeling on the lungs. Just pure THC Vapor that left me ripped beyond belief. The high was strong and came on quick and had me feeling nice and baked. After two more puffs, I had to put the Pax Era down as I was good to go.

Quick and easy this is truly the device of the future. Now at $35USD for a half gram, they are pricey but the pods seem to last longer than any C-Cell Cartridge I have tried. I was able to get huge plumes of vapor with little effort and to me, that was the game changer. At a cost of $30 the Era’s price point is well within reason and I was able to actually find a deal at my local spot where I bought a pod for $40 and got the Era for only $1. So definitely be on the lookout for deals.

Straight up, the Pax Era had me a true believer at first toke and I highly recommend it for those of us with kids due to its stealthiness. Although the pods can end up costing you an arm and a leg, it’s nice to have the Pax Era on special occasions or for those times when you just deserve a treat. Overall I give the Pax Era a score of 10/10 as it was beyond what I expected and left me more than satisfied. Now if I have one complaint it would be that the Pax Era would come with a locator beacon as I lost mine less than 2 weeks later.

Durban Poison Pax Pod

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