Recently, terpenes have been taking the cannabis world by storm.

Over the past few years, Terpenes have slowly become a household name amongst cannabis aficionados. These essential oils are being used to flavor vape cartridges to edibles and recently they’ve started to become their own entity. Across the internet, there are multiple companies offering terpenes that are strain based and said to mimic the flavors you would get from the actual strains. Many times these are just combinations of terpenes that taste absolutely nothing like the actual strain. However, at Blue River Terpenes, based out of Colorado, they are using the actual cannabis plant and extracting the essential oils from the actual cannabis plants themselves. What this does is provide the user with the actual terpene profiles from that particular strain. They aren’t combining any terpenes. Instead, they are extracting all the essential oils that exist within a specific cannabis plant. No THC or CBD but absolute terpene brilliance. Now, these are not cheap by any means. For 1ml of cannabis-derived terpenes, you are looking at around $100USD. These terpenes are hard on the pocketbook but imagine taking your favorite flavor of cannabis and multiplying its pungency by 100X. That is what these amazing terpenes do.

For my session, I decided to go with Blue River Terpenes “Triple OG” which is an extract of Og Kush, one of my favorite strains on the face of the Earth. As for how to use these terpenes, the easiest method I could find was dipping some wax or shatter into the terpenes lightly and then dabbing it, so that is what I did. Now the trick with vaping these terpenes is LOW heat and when I say low I mean low. When you think your quartz banger is ready, wait another 5 seconds. So I chose to use some of my own homegrown shatter that had a very light flavor by itself. I dipped it into the terpene vial making sure to lightly coat my shatter piece and then dropped it into my quartz bucket and instantly my lips and tongue were coated in the flavor of straight skunk and diesel. The pungency of the hit was beyond recognition and left me with more deep flavors of pine and earthy goodness. For a second I was taken back to my days in the San Fernando Valley puffing on blunts of the True Ogers Kush. As for the high, I definitely noticed an added fade that I normally wouldn’t feel from dabbing the shatter on its own. It was heavier and gave me much more of a couch lock, which I’m not complaining about one bit. It was an experience every true stoner deserves to have at least once.

Now Overall, I absolutely loved the Blue River Terpenes Triple OG and literally have never tried anything like it, so I have to give them a 10/10 in regards to functionality. At a price point of $100 for 1ml it is something for special occasions only unless you’ve got money to burn and I don’t, so I will be using my terpenes sparingly. At the end of the day, I was more than happy with my purchase and would recommend everyone give these cannabis-derived essential oils a shot as you will not be disappointed.

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