With the sting of Singles Awareness Day (Valentine’s) fading, now may be the perfect time to peruse a few new dating apps. While you can find someone who’s cool with cannabis on any app or (gasp) in real life, 420-specific dating apps are a great way to meet a new smoking buddy or your next spring fling.

Check out these three 420-focused dating apps to meet your match.

High There

High There lets users swipe through profiles by choosing “High There!” or “Bye There!” to sort profiles of potential matches. Expect basic questions about your pot use and consumption preferences plus an option to  choose what you feel like doing; chatting, staying in or going out.

Like Tinder, High There lets you connect with friends and acquaintances through Facebook but it doesn’t require a Facebook account to log-in. High There allows users to connect in chat room-like interactions but it allows anyone to send you a message. This highly-rated app is a popular way to meet friends or maybe find your next S.O.

420 Singles

Perhaps the most fun part of creating a profile on 420 Singles is their “Fun Stuff” section. Instead of run-of-the-mill questions like your occupation and height, 420 Singles asks questions about your beliefs in ghosts, souls, UFOs, as well as your musical tastes, video game experience and what kind of cannabis you prefer.

420 Singles promises to put an end to the endless loop of messaging by promoting upcoming cannabis-related events in your community – making it easier to arrange a date and meet others (platonic or not) who also enjoy cannabis.

420 Mate

The self-proclaimed “#1 online dating site and mobile dating app for 420-friendly singles,” allows users to choose gender non-binary options as well as answer detailed questions about how often they use cannabis and what strains they prefer. It also includes many typical dating app features like private chat, the ability to share photos and search for users near you.

Despite being downloaded more than 10,000 times and active in more than 88 countries, the app has a less-than-favorable rating of 2.8 out of 5 stars on the App Store and a 2.6 out of 5 on the Google Play Store. Many of the critical reviews cite lack of usability and lack of app updates as for their poor ratings.

Dating apps can be a stressful and draining experience but luckily you and your match can both chill by partaking in pot. Having a shared interest is practically a guaranteed way to boost a relationship but the benefits of sharing a love of cannabis with your partner are even greater.

A 2014 study Journal Psychology of Addictive Behaviors followed over 600 couples for 9 years and found that  couples who smoke cannabis together have a stronger relationship. Even if only one partner uses weed, the probability of domestic abuse is still decreased. It’s worth noting that the opposite holds true for alcohol. Anyone who uses cannabis regularly also enjoys other relationship-boosting benefits, such as decreased anxiety.

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