March 21 – April 19

Aries is a not a member of the Zodiac to mess around with! If you fall under this sign, you probably already know you love a challenge. You’re a high energy, fire sign, with a curious nature and real passion for justice. You love a good competition! Aries is known for being a strong optimist compared to the other signs, as well as resilient to self pity. You may be putting up a facade of strength sometimes Aries, to deny yourself a complaint or two, which we are all entitled to.

Despite your generally good attitude, you also will seek out arguments in order to ensure fairness, and in a temper you lose sight of much else. Sometimes your perception of justice will be so blinding, you won’t know when to back down, even if you’re in the wrong. If directed accordingly, this willful nature of the Ram can be used to defend those who cannot defend themselves. Aries, you’re restless the quest to be the best, because success is the only option for you. It is simply not in your nature to settle for anything other than what you deem a win. You also throw yourself into everything with enthusiasm and positivity, which is exciting and alluring to those around you.

A typical fire sign, these things that make you wonderful can be turned 180 degrees into selfishness and easy aggression. Honesty can come out sharper than intended. Maybe you’ve heard you’re not great with volume control. You behave erratically at times. Your hard temper can be switched with flick, and won’t be patient enough for diplomacy.

What does a powerful ram like you need from their cannabis? You don’t want to dull that magnetic personality that gives you such pizzazz, but might want to consider controlling your tendency to anger. The perfect strain that might give you some better perspective on an argument before it gets too out of control is Strawberry Cough. With a high THC content, you’ll want to dose carefully to not fall asleep, but provides an overwhelming feeling of positivity that should pull you out of a temper. Aries loves to maintain that high energy however, so a lower-risk, daytime/active strain like Canna Tsu doesn’t detract from concentration but can reduce the effect of stressors.

I think Aries does well with a high power, quick delivery, like a sizable rip from their favorite water pipe. You won’t be knocked off your ass and unable to be the leader you love to be, but you’ll feel the effects fast and strong, if you can hit it when you need it. Alternatively, Aries is a good alternative for low THC dosage edibles, like mini chocolate bites, to keep the competitive edge off throughout the day. Aries, use that fire you’re known for to light up and give the good energy we love about you.

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