February 19 – March 20

Pisces, you’re all up in your feelings, and that can go well or poorly for you, depending on the time and place. Your sign is the fish, and you are one of the introspective signs which can sometimes result in unpredictable actions, or a perception of mystery. You care about the people in your life deeply, almost to a fault. This deep sensitivity can be a great strength understanding how others may be feeling, good intuition that should be followed, but can also wrap you up deeply into your problems, or take offense a little too quickly. You take things to heart heavily, fish!

It can take Pisces a bit more motivation needed to light a fire under this water sign, due to a lack of inspiration. There’s plenty of imagination to fuel daydreams and fantasies, but some organizational structure to channel it is probably important. When truly inspired however, Pisces shows intense creativity that can be applied across their lives. They are true romantics, and love to love and be loved. If you fall for a Pisces, be prepared to be swooned over, and get in touch with your romantic fantasies, because they will want to know. The empathic presence of a Pisces is often appreciated. The fish’s season completes winter, cusping on spring- representing evolution. Like water, they excel at flowing with the current and are better at letting go than some of the more rigid or heated signs.

Because of your caring nature, Pisces, you can be attracted to drama which will have no bearing on your life, but you may treat it like it will. You tend to want to escape reality instead of addressing it, and would rather feel bad for yourself than actively improve the circumstance. Your depth of feeling can jump over boundaries that are necessary, and create unhealthy codependent relationships. This means you need to take some extra steps to protect your big heart, and cannabis is one way to steady the unstill ocean within.

For Pisces, I recommend something that doesn’t numb your emotions, but can provide some stability. While water can be deep and still, it can also be tumultuous and raging, so a strain like Pennywise sought by those looking to balance their mood would be a good fit. Pennywise is 1:1 THC:CBD ratio, indica dominant strain. It’s bred as a cross of Jack the Ripper and Harlequin, that tastes sweet and strong, like candy and coffee, an interesting and surprisingly matching energy to Pisces. Its users describe the high as having a well-rounded happy effect, without getting the smoker totally stoney.

For the Pisces in my life, they love a quick hit on a well-rolled, pre-purchased joint. Something quality that they didn’t have to get frustrated rolling themselves, and they can share with a close friend over a deep chat about what’s ailing or exciting of late. Cannabis is an excellent way for Pisces to retain some of that emotional energy, instead letting it get drained.

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