April 20 – May 20

Taurus is strongly linked to the qualities of their sign, the bull. You, Taurus, are known to be stubborn and methodical, yet hedonistic in your pursuit of pleasure. You’re incredibly drawn to security and stability, and a source of it yourself. People who need more structure benefit from your energy!

Being so firmly rooted as an Earth sign means Taurus is not the most amenable to change. The dependable, trustworthy bull likes things their way and that’s that. Once into a routine you find suitable, it is a tall order to ask you to switch it up. Such inflexibility can be tough to work with, and you frequently don’t understand why anyone would want you to change. Once a position is taken, Taurus will try to be as strategic in maintaining it. It is a noble asset that you will work hard to complete a task you want done, and your steady will to do so is what makes you successful. Incompletion is unideal, so the bull will take their time to do it right.

Being successful is an important necessity in Taurus’ life because it’s no secret you enjoy more than the simple pleasures. You love material items that delight the senses. Food and drink are excellent examples of priorities Taurus may spend their paycheck on to bring happiness. Also true to the bull within, you’re lovers of nature and far less likely to spend your time in a city. The fast paced, never-settled life is not one you’re likely to ascribe to. The pleasures you seek are probably not in the rowdy nightclub, but when the other signs come to visit, you know the best places to wine and dine.

Unfortunately, these bring the faults of materialism, inflexibility, over indulgence, and narrow mindedness. You can sometimes fail to see the big picture, or understand that change is a constant and you cannot control everything all the time. Narrow mindedness can rear itself in multiple ways, so this earthen energy can exhibit itself at anxiety at a viewpoint different from your own. Work to not let this color your relationships and interactions, Taurus. Growing up as the sister of a tried and true Taurus has shown me that it is easy to lose your patience with this sign, as they will take their precious time when others are in a hurry.

It’s easy to recommend a tasty methodology for you to consume cannabis, Taurus, as if it weren’t already obvious. You are down for a probably-bougie, artisanally crafted edible, in a low dosage. It seems that getting too high too quickly is a change in state that Taurus is often not ready for, so keeping the high gradual is important. A strain recommendation I can make for you, earthbound bull, would normally be heavier on the indica side, to avoid inducing a panic attack at the sensation of being too high. However, I believe that Nuclear Cookies, a balanced hybrid with a sharp citrus scent and rich earthy taste, provides uplifted mood, relaxation, and euphoria, good for anytime of day, that can also open the mind and lower some internal barriers, according to favorable reviews.

There’s no shame in steadiness and pleasurable goods, so enjoy your fine cannabis, Taurus, but let it loosen you up a little! You deserve it.


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