Agua de Flor’s cannabis-infused “aguas frescas” are potent drinkables that have a slightly tangy weed aftertaste, but get the job done. In Mexican parlance, “aguas frescas” literally translates to “fresh waters.” Popularized by the Aztecs in the early 15th century, aguas frescas were made with water and crushed fruit. They’ve come a long way since then.

As an avid vape enthusiast, I don’t normally consume edibles, or drinkables for that matter. Agua de Flor’s high-octane drinks appealed to me because of their Mexican-inspired flavors including Limonada Pepino (Cucumber Lemonade), Mango, Sandía (Watermelon), Horchata, Piña (Pineapple), and Fresa (Strawberry).

As a proud Mexican-American, I just had to give these THC-infused drinks a try. Previously, I’d tried a Mazapan, or marzipan, flavored chocolate from Agua de Flor’s parent company, Product of Los Angeles. I was very impressed with the flavor, so I had to try their fruit concoctions, too.

I bought their Horchata flavor, which I figured should be a proper representation of their THC drink product line. At a whopping 110 mg of THC in each 16 fluid ounce drink, I was expecting no less than a stellar experience. I took the plastic bottle and shook hard to blend the powder that had settled at the bottom to the rest of the drink.

Dosing instructions recommend users to take half (8 ounces) of the drink and wait for 1 hour before consuming any more of the drink. Since I have a high THC tolerance, I decided to partake in the entire drink within a few minutes (not recommended for first-timers).

Although at first I didn’t notice any distinct cannabis taste, I did ultimately taste a noticeable weed aftertaste. Many cannabis edibles have an ever-present cannabis flavor that can alter the intended flavor of a meal or drink. Agua de Flor’s Horchata drink did have a slightly weed-infused taste, but not enough to ruin the entire drink.

In terms of the horchata flavor, I liked that the drink had a subtle sweetness that wasn’t overpowering. The ingredients represented a true horchata flavor, but I noticed a stevia-like sweetener taste that I don’t particularly enjoy.

It took a couple hours before I felt any of its effects. When I did feel them, they came on strong. I’ve had 100 mg THC edibles, but never in drink form. Although I wasn’t completely incapacitated, I felt a strong body and mind buzz that I haven’t felt with THC vape cartridges or other edibles. Suffice to say, I was properly stoned.

For the next few hours, I proceeded to do some deep cleaning in my bedroom and living room, tried to write my first song in a long time on guitar, listened to stand-up comedy, and more hijinks. I took the drink around 11 am and still felt relaxed late into the evening, albeit, with much milder effects.

Overall, I wasn’t too impressed with the flavor, but appreciated the homage to traditional Mexican aguas frescas. In terms of potency, the drink was a powerhouse giving me energy, improved concentration, and stress relief for hours. I won’t be returning to edibles again in the near future, but I’m glad to have given this horchata drink a shot.

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