May 21 – June 20

If you’re a Gemini, you’ve no doubt heard the obvious jokes about your twin energy- and they’re not all wrong. Gemini are one of the signs that more commonly receive a bad rap more so than others, as they tend to stir the pot. You also do not like to be alone, Gemini, true to your sign. You feel much better when in the company of others, which will be your dual strength and weakness. Full of vibrant energy, eager to communicate, you are undoubtedly the social butterfly of the Zodiac. This enthusiasm can come off a little strong to the other signs, even manic at times. Yet, you love to share, and ask questions, and go everywhere!

As an air sign, Gemini are able to shift and change personalities easily depending on the situation, which can be insulted as being 2-faced, so don’t let your fluidity get you in trouble. Gemini are welcome at parties, knowledgeable about news and current events, but are a real wildcard. You never know where you’ll go or what you may do next, and that’s exciting. Needing a lot of mental stimulation takes a lot of work, but you never seem to tire of looking for the next adventure. You’re brave, and risky, and these attributes help you frequently.

Being smart, flexible, ever networking and strengthening your web, you’re a charmer the other signs are drawn to. You use your mental energy more than emotional, and people do pick up on this. You’re known to be an exaggerator, cunning to the ends of deception, erratic and sometimes superficial. Because you like to be and know everything, you never dig too deep, and that can be preventative for forming deeper connections, and not so many. Finding a strain of cannabis that doesn’t damper the airy, bright fun nature of yours, while predominantly keeping you a little more grounded and attuned to others’ feelings. You hate being alone, but you need to be aware of when you’re draining someone else’s energy without providing some support in return. Striking the right balance healthy relationships without teetering into co-dependence can be tricky.

A good strain I like to recommend for focusing some wild energy is True OG. Reviewers describe the high as cutting down distractibility and slowing the brain down enough to focus on one thing, and maybe dig a little deeper. Cannabis can be great at creating stronger bonds when shared with friends, which should appeal to your social needs, Gemini. True OG has a strong and long last head high, good for a fat blunt to share with your friends, since you likely won’t be alone. Smoking weed with your friends doesn’t have to be a surface encounter, and can perhaps help you feel more stable. Being an air sign, I think Gemini is more of a flower smoker than edible or oil consumer, so the classics are a good match for you. Let cannabis provide some of the steadiness that will slow down the ever turning facets of your soul, Gemini.

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