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Can I just say that one of the things that has been kind of a turn off for me, personally, about marijuana, has been the culture that surrounds it? The aesthetics, how it seems to have affected lifestyle, etc. I’m not really into the idea of a stoner with a house that smells like weed, sleeps on his own couch, has a friend of a friend who makes bongs in his garage, etc. and I’m probably not the only person that feels this way… and even though I realize this idea is already outdated, it’s still a thought that’s part of my associative process. I like to surround myself with things that are pleasant to look at. I read an article on the MedMen website recently about a woman named Meghan Kavanaugh, who used to be a model at Ford. She had an issue with trying to find cute containers for her weed that wouldn’t make her handbags soak up the odor. So she decided to design accessories for herself. There was never an idea for a company, she just started making products that suited her and a few of her friends. Her brand is called ASCHE Industries, and features products like candles, rose gold pocket grinders, as well as odor-proof leather pouches. She says that while she was a frequent smoker, that she was hanging out with people who had a forward sense of style that didn’t align with with typical cannabis imagery like tye-dye, etc.

This article felt a little bit like a revelation. I’m guessing there are probably other readers who feel similarly. I did a search for feminine weed accessories and actually found quite a few. For those looking for accessories that will look as good as they make you feel, I’ve compiled a list for you to check out.

Pretty Lights

1) Ok #1 is Concrete Cat’s Oracle Pipe. I’m getting myself one of these in part just because of how pretty they are. Concrete Cat makes smoking accessories that look like little ceramic sculptures – although they’re actually dyed concrete – and will look super cute in your living room, on your bedside table, in your bag, literally wherever. They’re handmade in Canada, so no two are the same. The also have a *beautiful* Metra Box in Peach Marble for storage and the concave top serves as a space for jewelry, rolling, or incense. #want.

2) Lighters. I’ve bought a lot of bodega lighters in my time, and yes they’re convenient, but they’re certainly not as pretty, nor do they recharge like these Tetra Slide Lighters. They’re sleekly designed and come in a few colors, although the body is mostly rose gold. They’re available in black, warm gold, blue, and iridescent. No flame. Also, look at this Green Tortoise Lighter. Gorgeous.

3) Maple Wood Filters. Ok, maybe this is extra, but I can’t tell. They’re not made from plastic, so that’s inherently better already. They’ll also decompose much faster, but they may not protect your lungs as well as you’d like, so that’s your call. Made by New York based design studio Harold, named after the designers’ grandfathers, the filters are a natural addition to smokes. Each box contains 35 filters, which are individually hand-rolled.

4) Am realizing that all of the stuff sold on Tetra is cute. Including this Tetra Travel Kit, which is encased in a leather pouch by Baggu, an eco-friendly bag design company based in California, that’s been around since 2007. Packaging aside, the kit actually also contains a Slide lighter, Japanese eye drops, a Fog Pin to make sure that your joints are perfection, and unbleached hemp rolling papers. Road trips, here you come!

Thanks for reading, enjoy the rise.



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