(January 21 – February 18)

Dreamy, beautiful Aquarius, you are the humanitarian of the zodiac, and already probably have a strong affinity for getting high. You want the freedom to go where you like, which is everywhere, and prescribe to deep schools of thought. An elemental water sign, the dark, still, deep, scenic bodies of water with the potential of a powerful force, are best illustrated by Aquarius.

This makes you an ideal candidate in the arenas of science and technical skills that can challenge your philosophical nature while appealing to your creativity. You not only have the awesome capability to invent, but to also reinvent yourself and your ideologies constantly. Your lack of bias will sometime make your more emotional friends wonder if you support them, and you do, but your sense of right and wrong don’t allow you to take sides without forming an educated opinion. These are the sorts of characteristics that lead to the label of “eccentric,” while being easily turned off by those who cannot understand your perspective and beliefs. You absolutely refuse to be held down, valuing your independence to the point of perceived as incredibly aloof, which can be challenging for those who love you and want to be close to you. You’re also known for a greatly likeable sense of humor, which is undeniably odd but holds a great appeal. Humor is linked to high intelligence, and your never ending quest for new knowledge has given you plenty of witty observations. When you do decide you care for someone, they are endeared to your fierce loyalty which they ought to know not to lightly betray, as you are a fulfiller of your promises.

Aquarius, you probably need to be reminded, that yes, you sometimes do come off as a mysterious loner to the point where people you care about don’t feel it. They think you don’t care to put in the effort to maintain a level of closeness, because you simply don’t feel those same needs for formal ties that other signs like. It can also be hard for you to to see a middle ground in arguments, rigidly believing your school of thought is the only, even if you do decide to change to the other extreme!

I know Aquarius to get a little deep into their own head sometimes, so while I would say a creative, energetic Sativa strain would appeal to your curious mind, I recommend a good Indica dominant hybrid instead. Often introverted, I think strains that calm the mind and push down some barriers are excellent for you, Aquarius, while giving you some high giggles that bring out that liquid charm we all adore. Granddaddy purple is a very lazy strain, but users describe a strong cerebral high that should lubricate social interactions. Critical cure is great for a more active adventures that won’t slow down your body but will bring to surface introspections worth sharing. You have a discerning nature, and the better quality for you the better, but I also think your distractible mind can let actual flower go half-smoked in a bowl and waste it, so I would suggest vaporizing these strains in a quality oil cartridge. That way, you can take lots of hits to get that full effect, and can always easily have it on your person to take a discrete pull. You don’t love the attention, but those who you choose to offer a hit to will be stoked you’re showing such thought.

You’re a mystery, Aquarius, but your fellow signs just want to close some of the distance between you and them, so take your cannabis use as an opportunity to gradually open the dam holding back your strong waters.

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