December 22 – January 20

Capricorn, you’re the sign known best for a head for business. Known to be ambitious and practical, you’re constantly referring back to their experiences to pull life lessons out in order to ensure the best possible future for you and your loved ones. So of course, the goat is never rushed and takes their time to to make these reasonable goals a reality. Logical and good to come to for thoughtful advice that weighs out consequences, you’re a smart friend to have. You have an especially unique knack for applying discipline to an out of control situation.

It makes sense that Capricorn’s careful planning nature can result in stubbornness and lack of flexibility, since you would rather manage any potential risk. You would think this would make you a natural leader, but you can be fearful of putting yourself forward so much, you wish that things would just work out for you. You can be more than a little cheap, Cap, wanting to hang onto your hard-earned money and make sure you are the ultimate beneficiary. This is one of the traits born from your “look out for #1” attitude. Focussing on these often material goals can detach you from others, so don’t let this wrap you up in a bad mood, which you’re quick to enter if things don’t go your way.

A great way for Capricorn to alleviate some of this constant stress to self-actualize in every area of life calls for a strong Indica strain. For maximum enjoyment, it should be finely ground into a short joint for one, with a neatly rolled crutch or filter. Good strain recommendations include Girl Scout Cookies for chilling out some high strung nerves while improving mood, and Catatonic for a more mild high with equal parts CBD to leave Cap’s faculties intact to prevent unnecessary paranoia attacks. The short smoke is meant for just you, so you don’t have to share, but can get the high unfettered and delivered straight to your sometimes tightly-wound persona.

For you, Capricorn, smoking weed should be your way of detaching from detachment. Your goal should be to remove the constant striving and working toward the endgame, so you can remember to enjoy the journey, fun experiences, and the company of loved ones. Earth signs are so stable and strong foundations, they need a little push to get off the ground at times. That doesn’t mean you need to be uncomfortably high where you can’t feel that groundedness at all, but some spontaneity is important if your routine is bringing you less joy than it does improve you. Your professional life doesn’t have to rule you! Being such a hard worker can have you frequently forgetting friends and a nutritious diet, and even forgetting to ever spend your money on something fun! I’m sure you may have your budget already allocated, but having a little cannabis earmarked is a good investment. And remember, that having your own joint is great, but every once in a while, roll one that’s big enough to share with someone you’ve been rainchecking on. You can’t deny all life’s pleasures just to make goals happen, and marijuana can be a wonderful way of bringing some of them together.

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