If you haven’t heard of them yet, Bay Area Exclusives is doing amazing work in the Cultivation World.

This collective has been creating strains for the past few years out of San Francisco and hitting the Cannabis World with flavors such as Face Off Og as well as the famed Og Kush Breath Cut (OGKB). Recently I was able to get a hold of a strain of theirs that’s been getting some major love in the dispensaries, Tiramisu Cookies, which was grown by one of the most respected cultivators in the state in Archive Seed Bank. As for some background, This cut of cookies is an Indica Dominant hybrid that takes an Animal Cookies Female and crosses it with a Bay Exclusive Og x OGKB Male.

Now at first glance the Tiramisu Cookies is a total bling factory. Coated in thick crystals that shine under the light, it appeared  at first glance that this batch was grown to perfection. The nugs had been trimmed with almost no visible leaf at all. Just sticky fat buds with major calyxes. Upon opening the jar I was hit with an earthy diesel funk that filled the room with danky goodness. As I broke her up I was hit with more of a vanilla skunk funk that was extremely earthy and reminiscent of the kush’s I would get in the San Fernando Valley back in the 90’s.

I decided to pack a bowl in my rooster apparatus, fritted disc bong and on inhale I was hit with a tasty diesel back that expanded my lungs nicely. It wasn’t as full flavored as I was hoping for but the creamy coffee notes were definitely there and I can understand what gained her the name Tiramisu as she had a nice sweet finish that left me longing for more. I then loaded a second snapper and I could totally feel the high. It wasn’t super strong but had me nicely faded and heavy eyed. Someone in the room described it as donuts and gasoline.


Overall I would have to give the Tiramisu Cookies a 8.1 in terms of taste and a 7.7 in terms of potency. It’s possible the batch or cut I received wasn’t the best sample available on the market but it was still more than satisfactory and got the job done. I probably wouldn’t buy this cut again myself as it wasn’t as potent as I need as I have a very high tolerance level but it got me faded and had a decent flavor. Now at a price of $12 USD a gram it was little overpriced for my pocket but not beyond ridiculous and I will definitely be looking for more gear from Bay Area Exclusives in the future.

Tiramisu Cookies Strain review

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