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Although making arrangements to buy marijuana online is doable, sometimes it helps to go directly into the storefront to get what you’re looking for. Gone are the days of needing to have a medical reason for buying cannabis; recreational cannabis use is slowly but surely becoming legal, and already is in California. If you’re based in L.A., you won’t have to look far to find a dispensary. There are tons … some that have been around for decades, while new ones are coming up all the time. What makes the best ones stand out? We did a little research to investigate.


1. Herbarium is one of the top rated dispensaries in L.A. Their mission is to ‘Educate. Advocate. Elevate.’  Pretty great, and we can relate. Located in West Hollywood, they have a slick marketing presence, complete with a pretty Instagram account as well as a Youtube channel featuring original content. They offer discounts, and have two delivery zones for orders of $50 and $75, respectively. Their product range is impressive, and they also work as a licensed growing facility, and are responsible for brands like Caviar Gold. Best to stop by this spot when you’re looking for … just about anything.

2. The next dispensary on our list is LA Wonderland. Highly reviewed, this dispensary is located in central L.A. and has a very extensive product base. Their no-nonsense website has full list of everything they offer, which includes a variety of flower, oil, pre-rolled joints and edibles. The budtenders are knowledgeable and can help you with just about anything you might need.

3. King Kush is located in southern LA and was voted 5 best in Los Angeles by Leafly for 5 months straight in 2016. They’re featured on Weedmaps, and have a strong social media presence, including accounts on Youtube, Twitter, Youtube, etc. Their product range includes flower, THC infused alcohol like Moonshine, edibles, and more. King Kush also offer promotional events where they offer deals and samples. Joining their mailing list means that you’ll get access to more insider info.

4. The Farmacy is a dispensary located in Westwood that offers deals of 10% off for UCLA students and any first time medical clients. Their goal is to make their ‘dispensary a sanctuary of health.’ They’re open every day from 8am to 10pm and carry over 150 products that are organic and locally sourced.

5. Medmen is a sleek dispensary located in West Hollywood that looks more like it ought to sell clothes rather than marijuana. They have 9 locations in Los Angeles alone, including ones on Abbot Kinney, in LAX, Santa Ana, Beverly Hills, and more. They also have stores in Florida, New York, Arizona, Illinois, and Nevada. Locations and interior design aside, they offer 20% discounts for first time friend buyers, as well as 10% off for first time general buyers. Their website is just as sleek as their spaces, with a visual guide for first time users to determine what kind of buzz they’re seeking. Their blog, EMBER, is a great resource for information on everything from travel to bathbombs to cannabis accessory brands.

5. If you’re thinking about growing your own, then Greenwolf, located in Los Feliz, may be just the ticket. These guys have the usual stock of just about everything from accessories, edibles, including THC infused honey, as well a solid variety of flower, tinctures, and more than 125 products to choose from overall. They also sell seeds for those interested in home-growing.

The cannabis industry is expanding, and the more places it becomes legal, the more businesses will pop up. Hopefully, this little guide is useful as you explore. Other good resources for finding dispensaries are available here and here.



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