Gone are the days of having to grind your own weed to roll a joint. I recently came across possibly the most genius innovation for stoners yet: pre-ground flower. At first, I was a bit skeptical listening to the woman explain it on the phone. Immediately I’m like, “So, it’s shake?” She quickly corrected me and made the distinction that it was pre-ground good quality flower. After a bit of hesitation, I decided let’s give it a shot. I’m not usually a fan of papers but this “ready to roll” Old Pal brand pre-ground flower was something I just had to see for myself.


If you’re at all familiar with roll your own cigarettes, it’s essentially the same concept. The packaging is strikingly similar to the Bugler “roll your own” tobacco packaging. When the small sachet of marijuana arrived, I was in disbelief that a half ounce could fit in there. I asked—twice—to be sure I had gotten the correct order and my delivery guy assured me, it’s all in there. He’d recently purchased it himself and weighed it at home because he was a bit skeptical too, but everything checked out. No one was being scammed. After a quick tutorial on how to open the slightly intimidating package, I was off to go test it out.


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The Old Pal pre-ground flower I got was the sativa Blue Dream. On the back of the package, they conveniently note how much THC it contains. At 17.91%, I didn’t expect it to hit as hard as it actually did. The package itself comes with a nice quality pack of 40 unbleached rolling papers stuck to the inside that uses a little magnetic flap to open and close. The papers also came with filters. I normally don’t use filters, but with how finely ground this bud is, your best bet is to use the filters it comes with. Even after receiving instruction on how to open it, I couldn’t for the life of me tear apart the ziplocked enclosure. This may be good news for those of you who medicate and also have children. If I couldn’t figure it out, your 4-year-old definitely won’t be able to. I ended up cutting through the plastic with a knife. Luckily, there’s a strip of super strong adhesive on the top of the sachet that seals the package very well, even after opening and closing it multiple times.



The Blue Dream is ground into almost a powder. My only complaint is that they ground up the stems in there as well. As long as you pick them out gingerly, you won’t have any issues with holes poking through your joints. Now, the first thing I did was completely skip using the provided papers and tried to roll a blunt. It was difficult—again because I was working with a bag of fine powdered dust—but not impossible. However, unless you want to be a little too high to function, I don’t recommend doing what I did. I’ve come to realize that because the bud is so finely ground, it’s able to heat very evenly and deliver the highest dosage almost immediately. I powered through that blunt and then slept for four hours straight, after stuffing my face with Panda Express.

The next day I tried medicating again, only this time using the provided papers and filters. It was a lot more manageable for me and I wasn’t constantly getting Scooby snacks like with the blunt paper. The experience was calming and less harsh than I’m used to. This roll your own pack has been my go-to for the past 5 days. It’s relatively easy and quick to use, it’s portable and fairly discreet. The smell is contained well by the packaging, but as for people not knowing what’s inside…well, that’s plastered all over the package. If discretion is a big deal for you then I wouldn’t exactly recommend the Old Pal pre-ground flower. If you want to take a lot of the legwork out of rolling your own joints, Old Pal pre-ground flower is a genius new way to medicate.

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