Trying Edibles for the First Time

I moved to LA in January of 2018, almost exactly a year ago. After a lease ended in May of that year, I moved into an apartment in Culver City with a guy from Nashville. He was in the process of going through a break up and was basically high every day. He consumed weed through smoking, vaping, edibles, you name it. I’d had a stressful few months, and the first night I moved in, we drank pretty heavily. He gave me a small case of edibles and suggested I try them to help with the impending headache. I took a bit; I don’t remember what brand they were, but I do remember that they were about 5mg per square. I’d never consumed commercial edibles at that point and found myself hesitantly trying a square. After about one hour, I was starting to feel it. I remember that it came up on me slowly but that I very much enjoyed it. He had ordered from a delivery company called Eaze, which I hadn’t heard of to that point, but now am familiar with.

A few weeks later, I decided to try them out. For my first purchase, I bought a pre-rolled joint, OM’s Epsom Salt Mineral Soak, and a little tin of Plus Rainbow Sorbet Pride edibles. The salt bath was great; I actually smoked a bit before taking it, so I had both an internal and external experience. My skin felt tingly and my back pain was eased… I was also in an excellent mood when I was done.

The PLUS edibles were so good! A bit of background on PLUS: Every edible that Plus makes is gluten free and kosher, in case you have dietary restrictions. They started in 2015 in Colorado and decided to work towards competing in the California market because it’s the biggest one, as well as the one with the most history. They sell at dispensaries throughout California.

Different Flavors of Plus

Back to the ones I tried: The Rainbow Sorbet flavor starts off with a scent of vanilla/custard and then finishes with a little bit of a tang. The colors were really pretty too, you could see the swirls in every bite. Each gummie was a slightly different color and each tin has 100mg of THC, which evens out to 5mg per square. At first, I wouldn’t consume an entire gummie in one go, because half was enough. With time, my tolerance increased and by the time the tin would be out, I’d be eating an entire candy.

When Eaze stopped carrying them, I tried PLUS’s Blackberry and Lemon gummies, which were tangy and had similar effects. These are not limited edition so you can try them too if you like. They took about 45 min to an hour to kick in, and once they did, the buzz lasted for about 3/4 hours. They’re available on their site and through Eaze. They’re meant to help people wind down after a long day. The ratio is 90mg THC to 10mg CBD per tin, so you get 4.5mg of THC and .5mg of CBD per square.

PLUS also offers a few other flavors that I’d like to try; one is called Create and the other is Calm. As you probably guessed, Create is formulated to stimulate creativity. It’s made with a hybrid strain that’s meant to help with both energy and focus. The flavor is blueberry and each square has 5mg of THC.

The other flavor, Calm, is completely CBD based, and is flavored with pineapple and coconut. It offers relief from physical and emotional discomfort without the psychoactive effects.

Take Away

Overall, I’d say I’m a fan of edibles. They’re less fussy to deal with, you can be pretty careful with your dose, and the tins are discreet, easy to carry and taste good! All in all, I’d totally purchase them again, and probably will.


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