With Valentine’s Day right around the corner I was thinking of making something delicious for my significant other. Anyone can go to the mall and buy a necklace but creating a delectable treat from scratch for the person you love, shows you took the time and effort out of your busy life to make them a special gift, like Cannabis Rice Krispy Treat Hearts.


Now the great thing is these rice crispy treat hearts only take a few minutes of cooking on the stove but we can keep that a secret. These are not only scrumptious but will also get you and your partner feeling nice and relaxed for a wonderful evening. As always, feel free to make these with regular non-Canna butter for the kiddos and those not partaking in THC. Either way, they will be a hit.


Canna-Rice Krispy Treat Hearts

Ingredients :

6 cups Rice Krispies cereal
6 tablespoons Cannabutter (Or salted butter for Non-Canna) (Click here to learn how I make my cannabutter)
1 Bag of Marshmallows
Red Food Coloring
1 Box of Candy Hearts and or frosting and sprinkles (optional)
1 heart cookie cutter (2″-3″)
2 9×13′ Dishes/Pans
Wax Paper
Non Stick Cooking Spray


Directions : 

(Now keep in mind you’ll be doing two separate batches of Krispy Treats in order to have one for red hearts and another for regular ones, so you’ll be cutting the totals in half for each. (3 TBSP Butter, 3 Cups Rice Krispies, 1/2 a bag of Marshmallows)


1.) Line a 9×13′ baking dish with parchment paper and non stick cooking spray.

2.) Heat the first 3 tablespoons of butter and half bag of marshmallows in a large saucepan or dutch oven over low-medium heat, stirring often.

3.) Once the marshmallows are melted add 1-2 drops of Red Food Coloring and stir until the red has mixed in and then pour in the 3 cups of Rice Krispies cereal.

4.) Gently fold the cereal into the melted marshmallows and then pour the Rice Krispy treats into the prepared baking dish and evenly press into the pan (use wax paper to press down the mix – this will help avoid sticking to your hands) and set aside to cool (30-45 minutes) or place in the fridge for a quick cool (15-20 minutes).


You can now repeat this process without the food coloring and voila you’ll have two different colored batches. Once cooled you’ll then take your heart shaped cookie cutter (You can find these at the Dollar Tree or Target for less than a few bucks) and hit the cutter with a little non-stick cooking spray as not to get it stuck to the treats. Once you’ve cut out your hearts, you can place a candy heart directly in the middle of each one or you can get real fancy and add sprinkles, frosting or even dip them in chocolate. At this point you can plate them and cover with cling film until ready to serve. You can now eat those leftover treat scraps for a nice afternoon snack and nap.


Cannabis Rice Krispy Treat Hearts

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