Every time I’ve consumed cannabis in any way, I’ve found that my perception and reasoning ability becomes way stronger than it usually is. I’m able to glean more from media like films, books, and music. I also find that I’m weirdly much more lucid while stoned. My perception becomes clear, and I feel more like myself. As you can imagine, this bodes well for dating. Every time I’ve ever hung out with someone while we both smoked, it’s been amazing. I feel like I understand the person I’m with more deeply, and they become fascinating. This makes sense considering that in some cases weed has been shown to alter our perception of people to make them seem more attractive. While this may be the case for some, I just find that it enhances my experience and understanding of the person I’m with…I’m usually just as attracted to them later because I only consume cannabis with folks I already like.

I’ve found that it’s also a great conversation enhancer. Because marijuana changes the way we perceive time, it makes conversations seem way more dense, and thus fulfilling. In my case, I’ve found that being stoned has made it easier to feel less inhibited in expressing myself fully.

How it Affects My Inner Dialogue

It’s easy to miss details of conversations sometimes. We get hung up on what we’re thinking instead of what the other person is saying. It can also be difficult to understand the way people think or what their motivations might be. When I smoke weed, I feel like my intuition gets really in tune with what others are thinking and doing. It also feels like my inner voice gets very clear…it’s like my feeling and thoughts actually turn into full phrases, and I end up having pseudo conversations with myself. I can ask myself questions if I’m feeling lost or conflicted, and get clear responses. I hear my thoughts clearly.. and no, I’m not schizophrenic, I don’t hear voices in my head, lol. I just get in touch with my own. I’ve also found that if I’ve had a rough few days, it helps me process difficult emotions as well.

To be fair, there’s totally a chance I might be completely off in what I think I realize, but I find that if I take the time to write down my thoughts, they usually hold up in the rest of my life after I’m sober again. That’s another thing… weed has been incredible for creativity. When I hang out with someone, particularly if they’re creative as well, being under the influence creates a lot of ideas. I’ve had many a moment when the person I was with told me to write down what I’d said, and the next day, it’s usually something I’d never have considered sober.


My god, the sex. I swear, I only started smoking weed more frequently last year, as an adult, and it has been life. Changing. Ya’ll heard? I’m not playing I swear to goodness sex when you’re stoned is a gift from the universe. I’ve never had orgasms that intense any other time in my life. Everything is slow, intensified and varied. I used to think that having a drink made sex enjoyable, but in comparison, it does NOT. I used to smoke very lightly as a teenager, but found myself mostly paranoid about my (strict) parents investigating me when I came home, so I was never able to actually enjoy it. (To be fair, I’m ok with this, because some studies have shown that smoking a lot as a teenager affects brain development over time. When you’re an adult, it obviously depends on frequently you use it, but overall, it’s less of a thing.)  But now… I’m a grown lady and because I can do what I want, hunnies, I want me summa that green lovin’. GotDANG. ( Sex high is good, in case I’m not being clear.)

The Takeaway

Overall, there’s no way I’d go on a first date stoned, although I know plenty of people who do and seem to be fine. But once you start dating someone over time, I HIGHLY recommend it, so to speak.



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