The other day I was itching to try a new strain of flower that I’d seen popping up all around town named Golden Pineapple. What caught my attention was this hybrid’s parents were not the usual lineage’s I’m used to seeing on shelves, as Golden Pineapple is a cross between two lesser known strains, Golden Goat and Pineapple Kush. Now I don’t know about you but every other hybrid seems to be a cross of Girl Scout Cookies, Gorilla Glue or Tangie these days, which don’t get me wrong, are all amazing bloodlines. But these were two strains that I wasn’t used to and considering the grower was a local favorite of mine (Phat Panda) I had to test her out.


First and foremost, the bag appeal on this cut was divine. The buds were dense with a beautiful lime green hue along with a thick coating of amber trichomes. Even before breaking the jar open, there was no doubt this was some serious smoke. Now I decided to roll up a joint with her as I was on the road and let me warn you, this dank will make your car stink like you just ran over a skunk that ate some Lemons. It’s deep and pungent and very reminiscent of the first chronic I would get back in the early 1990’s in Southern California. Upon breaking her up I was hit with more of her fruity notes that literally smell like a mix of pineapple and tangerines. I recall a few of the words we used to describe the odor was fruity funk and candied gas.


Now on the first hit it was obvious this was going to be a keeper. Smooth, and so terpy, this strain really caught me by surprise and after 3 good tokes I was feeling good. I can only describe the high as heavy and behind the eyes as it instantly had me struggling to see for a few seconds as I choked on exhale. At one point during the drive I literally lost my phone that was in my hand, so I’d definitely say it’s potent. Not a sleepy, couchlock high but more of a heavy, full bodied psychedelic one. If your tolerance level is low I’d recommend going easy on her as she may surprise you. Overall I’d give the Golden Pineapple from Phat Panda an 8.5 on potency and a 9.3 in terms of flavor and aroma. So far I have to say that this is the best strain I’ve sampled in 2019.


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