With the New Year upon us, I figured it would only be right to put a list together of the top strains to lookout for in 2019. Now some of these aren’t exactly “New” as they’ve already hit some major markets but you’ll definitely want to save the name if they haven’t reached your neck of the woods just yet.


1. Apple Fritter (Indica Dominant Hybrid) : Apple Fritter is new hybrid that was developed by the renowned growers over at Lumpy’s Flowers in Southern California. The Fritter is a cross between two legendary strains in Sour Diesel and Cinderella 99. From what I’ve heard, my sources say she’s an energizing cross that also packs a heady punch. The earthy gasyness of the Sour D and the skunky fruityness of the C99 come together to provide a flavor profile that will leave a pine and berry taste on your tongue well after exhale.


2. Citrus Sap (Sativa Dominant Hybrid) : With parents of Gorilla Glue and Tangie, Citrus Sap is a sativa-dominant strain that revels in each one’s most cherished aspects: heavy resin production and thick citrus and diesel notes dominate the flavor profile. The strain is said to have a very high THC% and delivers a very relaxing sativa dominant high.


3. Tina (Indica) Bred by Exotic Genetix in Washington, Tina is an indica strain that took 1st place in the 2017 High Times SoCal Harvest Cup. The lineage is still a mystery as one of it’s parents is Starbud but the second is still unknown. This powerful, THC-packed strain carries a strong aroma of gas and pine. colorful and resin-coated, Tina has deep purple hues and fiery orange hairs that give her an amazing bag appeal you’ll want to get your hands on.


4. Mimosa (Indica Dominant Hybrid) A new strain from Symbiotic Genetics, Mimosa is an indica Dominant cross of Clementine and Purple Punch that will make your mouth water. This one won’t knock you out but provides a stellar high that keeps you smiling with a delectable flavor profile of earthy diesel tones and sweet tangerines. This one should be perfect for getting ripped after a delicious Sunday brunch.


5. Cronuts (Sativa Dominant Hybrid) Cronuts is the long-awaited hybrid by Alphakronik Genes that is the first entry in their Le Patisserie Series, featuring their beloved Girl Scout Cookie cutting. The Girl Scout Cookies (Forum Cut) x Sin City Kush come together to create a potent confection to dazzle the palate. From what I’ve been told she’s delicious, buttery goodness. Super stoney and potent, this is strain to watch out for.

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