Vape pens are numerous this year, and it seems like I’ve had the opportunity to try many, whether I found one by chance at a music festival, being offered a draw by my friends or family, or receiving one as a gift. They’re a discrete, but pricey, way to smoke weed without being conspicuous about it. I even feel comfortable vaping on amusement park rides in the dark that use heavy fog, so for their ease of utility, I still prefer them for certain occasions. I usually enjoy these electronic vaporizers for being reliable for a gentle dosing that usually results in me burning through the oil way too quickly. I sometimes think that I need to learn to spread out my vaping better so that I can rely on it for smoking in my apartment, instead of risking a stern letter from the building manager for trying to have a joint inside.

Earlier this month, I found a large vape battery with an adjustable voltage on the bottom. This thing does not fuck around- the bottom can be twisted as high as 4.8v which gets your oil heated fast. The EGo-C Twist is definitely more obvious than your average. If you care to read the instruction packet on many cartridges, cannabis or otherwise, some are meant to be heated at a higher degree than others. I found this battery here for less than 20$, where it has mostly high reviews. I would say that because this battery does hit so hard, taking shorter draws for me is a must, but for someone who wants to use this vaporizer for both cannabis and nicotine or just natural oils, I’d say it’s certainly worth that cost-effective price. I also tend to lose these pens and find them again frequently, and I’d say that I’m probably not the only smoker who experiences that problem. I think the heft of this battery would make it harder to lose, but it’s also not the end of the world if I were to lose it either.

I do wonder if perhaps because I was using this heavy duty battery that I consumed the luxury oil that I was gifted recently too quickly. I know that I also took a break from flower and decided to finish this  cartridge before it got too sticky and goopy, as I have sometimes experienced when I forget about it and temporarily lose it. When I saw how much this oil sold for, I’m wondering, even if I had used a weaker voltage and still took as many hits as I have (being my holiday break and all, don’t judge me), if it would have run out as fast. I wondered if I should have savored it and made it last more than a week, which maybe isn’t even this particular battery’s fault, but my need for oral fixation. While the changeable of wattage is a great feature in a pen shaped battery, it’s still heavy, in weight and vapor. Although I might like an even lower voltage option on my ideal battery, or perhaps I only need to set-voltage pens, I do still like the EGo C- Twist and could recommend it especially well for heavy smokers.

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