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Grand Daddy Purple, also known as GDP or Granddaddy Purp, is an indica heavy strain that has a lot of great properties that I was able to test out this past weekend. I procured this awesome flower from my go-to delivery service: Kushagram. I found them via the app Weedmaps about 9 months ago. GDP was part of KG’s weekend deals and I got 14 grams for the amazing low price of $60!

This strain is a cross between Purple Urkle and Big Bud. Grand Daddy Purple is usually great for consumers with a variety of needs! It developed as a pain-fighting, stress reducing, sleep-inducing, munchie giving strain that provides relief to California’s medical marijuana community.

The nugs are not colossal, at least in my batch. The size of the nugs are particularly consistent, with some ranging in size from as large as a mini lighter, or a piece of popped popcorn, and as small as a dime. The leaves are a gorgeous dark green, speckled with patches of deep royal purple. It’s not too dense and can be broken up with the hands without much force. It would also yield a nice, dry final product using a grinder as well! The benefits of a grinder include collecting that crystallized, frosty kief for later projects like edibles!

The smell of this bud is an interesting one. It smells the way the dulce de leche cheesecake from The Cheesecake Factory tastes. It reminds me of the scent of a French Martini: hints of pineapple, a splash of cranberry, and lots of vodka. Then again, the smell of vodka could just be whatever the dispensary uses to sanitize their jars. More realistically, it smells of berries, like blackberries with a touch of citrus.

I ended up suffering from some back pain Friday night and reached for the Grand Daddy Purp while waiting for my prescription meds to kick in. I smoked half a blunt. Usually, when I’m in pain, nothing can distract me from it, especially not people telling me to “breathe” and “calm down”. The GDP really helped to distract me. This strain not only helped to relieve some of my pain, it actually made me forget I was even in pain at some points! I was thinking of everything else possible except my pain. I could feel myself turning into one of those “hits blunt” memes.

The timeframe for me to feel like the pain was dissipating was 30-35 minutes. It took roughly 45 mins- 1 hour for me to start feeling better, and by that point, my prescription finally kicked in to seal the deal. This all happened around midnight.

Overall, Grand Daddy Purp really lives up to its name! I slept like a rock after that and to a certain extent, it did relieve my pain! I haven’t tried it on its own so I wouldn’t say it’s a force to be reckoned with, but GDP is a contender you should be checking for.

You guys should consider adding this strain into your medical marijuana rotation. I already have! The smell of this bud is constantly evolving as I work my way through these 14 grams. Let me know in the comments what you smell when you open your jar!

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