God’s Gift is truly a miraculous combination of two legendary cannabis strains, Granddaddy Purple and OG Kush. This fruitful combination of potent and vibrant genetics resulted in a high-THC and purple-hued work of art known as God’s Gift. With origins in Northern California, God’s Gift is a strong Indica-dominant hybrid that’ll leave you satisfied.

You can’t miss God’s Gift’s striking green, orange, and purple hues throughout. It’s bright and warm colors are just the tip of the iceberg. Enjoy God’s Gift’s fruity aroma and high THC content that’ll keep you mellowed out for a few hours.

Just Like Heaven

God’s Gift strains typically range in THC concentration, but generally fall between 15% to 25%, sometimes even higher THC content. The colorful bud structure and high concentration of white trichomes on its buds are good signs of its robust THC levels. God’s Gift will have you feeling high, relaxed, and worry-free.

Because there isn’t much CBD at all, you’ll get the full force of God’s Gift THC content. First-time users should take one or two small hits and wait 30 minutes if they want more pronounced effects. Seasoned users will appreciate God’s Gifts instant and strong effects.

Citrus and Berry

God’s Gift genetics give this Indica-dominant strain a distinct, powerful, and complex aroma that encompasses many fruity, earthy, and citrus notes. Most distinctly, you’ll notice a berry aroma reminiscent of grape or blueberries. The sweet and floral scent tastes great in a vaporizer.

You’ll also notice a citrus and pine aroma that makes this strain smell invigorating. Overall, God’s Gift’s sweet and fruity aromas are balanced by its hash-like and woody scents. The sweetness is offset with an earthy scent.

Colorful Flower Buds

This strain stands out among other olive green flower buds without vibrant pistils. God’s Gift has a dark green leaf color with hints of dark purple and orange hairs that appeal to cannabis connoisseurs. Its purple hairs make this strain a joy to break apart. Milky white trichomes cover the dense and small God’s Gift flower nugs.

Heavy-Hitting Effects

For many, God’s Gift provides relaxation and drowsiness with mild pain and anxiety-relieving effects. God’s Gift is a fast-acting strain that gives users a boost in mood with a slight hazy feeling. You won’t experience any nervousness or worrisome thoughts. Instead, God’s Gift has a dream-like quality that can elevate certain experiences or prepare you for bed.

Evening and Weekend Toke

Enjoy a hit of God’s Gift during any time for its mellowing and mood-boosting effects. Many cannabis consumers choose to bust out God’s Gift to relieve serious pain, inflammation, or headaches. God’s Gift can also be an excellent strain to smoke after a long day of work or during your days off. Evening use can get you in the right mindset to sleep.

God’s Gift is a great-looking and strong Indica hybrid with impressive genetics and complex taste. With a name like God’s Gift, you’ll be expecting a significant stimulating and mellowing experience, depending on your preferences. God’s Gift doesn’t disappoint. Grab a few grams of this strain if you want a fragrant and hard-hitting Indica strain.

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