If you haven’t heard of them yet, you certainly will. Rebel Coast Winery is the first winery to release an affordable cannabis infused wine. Their goal is ‘to make wine for everybody. No “chateau”, no last names in cursive, no “100-year tradition”, no $80 price tag.’ Their bottles retail at $60 each, which while humorously close to the $80 from which they distance themselves, is still much less expensive than other cannabis infused alcoholic beverages that have been slowly making their way into the market.

Their THC-infused Sauvignon Blanc only has about 4mg-5mg of THC per glass, which means that while enjoyable, the buzz won’t be so intense as to be incapacitating. And… no hangover. Rebel Coast uses strains of Sativa to ensure that the buzz is uplifting, and each glass is only 35 calories, which is actually pretty amazing. Take out the alcohol, and you take out the calories. The wine is infused with herbs like lavender, lemongrass and citrus and has a bright taste. Rebel winery uses Sonoma County grapes and infuses the wine with organic THC.

Although they’re not the first to infuse alcohol with marijuana, they are certainly first to effectively remove the alcohol and infuse the wine without compromising quality. Rebel Coast have plans to release sparkling wines – yum! – as well as a line of medicinal wines infused with CBD, without the psychotropic effects.

Other lines of weed-infused wines like Mary Jane Wines and Canna Vine were some of the earlier versions of this product, and sold for as much as $400 per half bottle. If you have some deep pockets, get your hands on them, but keep in mind that they’re only available in CA and may not be legal in your state of residence. There have been trends to incorporate cannabis infused wines into meal pairings as well; Cultivating Spirits is one such company that offers high-end food, wine, and cannabis tours. Guests are guided through three layer sensory experiences; smoke, eat, drink.

Infusing wine with marijuana has been illegal in the past but is now starting to gain traction. Generally, folks that smoke may tend to avoid alcohol, and the same in reverse, but in the last few years, many have started to think of combining the two into one experience. Vice released an article in 2013 about some of the first, unmarked bottles of cannabis infused wines on the market, although there are tales of weed-wine as far the late 70s. It’s an exciting prospect to consider, especially when you can experience the pleasure of imbibing with fewer calories and no potential hangovers. While that may not be the case with every bottle, the movement is certainly off to a good start.

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