So the year has flown by and what do you know, Thanksgiving Day is already upon us. Which means spending it with the family eating tons of delicious food, watching Football and giving thanks for the strains you’ve brought in your stash for this long day. It’s been an amazing harvest year and it’s time to celebrate with the one’s closest to you. But you’ll need to start slow if you’re going to endure. Don’t make a rookie mistake and let the tryptophan ruin your festivities. Below I have compiled a list of my 3 favorite strains to get you through Turkey Day all in one piece.

1.) Jack Herer (Sativa) : You’ve just arrived at the in-laws, the kids are already hopped up on Reese’s Turkeys and Hot Chocolate. You need to get important things done like chopping the mirepoix for your famous stuffing. This is where Jack Herer, named after the famed Cannabis Activist, becomes the perfect flavor to get the party started. The smooth earthy pine taste and the energizing buzz of “The Emperor of Hemp’s” special cut have you more than ready for some major prep work. It’s time to summon your inner Emeril Lagasse and get moving with a huge smile on your face.

2.) Cherry Pie (Hybrid) : The game is a nail biter and your Fantasy Football team is hanging on for dear life. You need a strain that will calm the nerves and let you relax without locking you into the couch, as that stuffing isn’t going to cook itself. This is where Cherry Pie becomes the perfect flower to check all of the boxes. Breathtaking, mesmerizing and no I’m not talking about Dak Prescott’s physique. I’m talking about the fruity, skunky deliciousness that is Cherry Pie. This strain embodies everything you lust for, as two legendary strains in Durban Poison and Grand Daddy Purple come together to create the perfect concoction. Give thanks to the diesel and grape tones and full head and body stone that come along with this wonderful hybrid. It will most definitely put you in the zone, where you’ll be able to focus in on your fantasy stats as well as your precious stuffing, in order to keep that butterball moist.

3.) Dj Short’s Blueberry (Indica) It’s been a long day. Your fantasy team had a good showing and you’ve eaten enough delightful food to feed an Army. Your stuffing was a hit and the in-laws can’t stop raving about it. The kids have finally quieted down and you’re feeling full but you still have a few pies and some ambrosia salad you need to crush. So before hitting up the dessert tray you need to get ripped. That’s where DJ Short’s Blueberry does the trick. Skunky Diesel notes with a hint of Blueberry gives you that hard hitting Indica potency, allowing you to chill out for a second before the munchies kick in and you get your fix of goodies. A couple different slices of Pie and some sour cream, fruit desert later and it’s finally time for you to kick your feet up and celebrate as you powered through it. Way to go champ, time for your well deserved meat sweats and food comma.

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