It’s 9:15pm and the hunger urges begin to hit. You start having thoughts of fried foods like Jalapeño poppers and Donuts. You search Yelp and spend an hour figuring out that your only option is fast food. As delicious as that Bacon Cheeseburger and Milkshake along with the Carne Asada Burrito sound, you know your gut will make you pay for it in the morning. Then you head to the cupboard where you’ve got 2 boxes of stale cereal and no milk in the fridge to even give it a shot. There’s decisions to make and this is where smart choices pay off. One of those choices that I’ve found are roasted almonds in Cannabutter with Pink Himalayan Salt. These munchies not only fulfill your inner needs but they are health conscious and absolutely delicious. Not to mention, these goodies are also easy to make, as they require just three ingredients and take all of about 10 minutes to create. Be warned they are tasty morsels of goodness that will not only satisfy but leave you not feeling too guilty…even if you eat the whole bag.

Roasted Cannabutter Almonds

8oz (Half Bag) of Slivered Almonds Blanched (Can be found in the bulk section of your market)

3 TBSP’s of Cannabutter (Can be made non-THC butter as well)

1/4 tsp Pink Himalayan Salt to be added at the end (will work with any salt)

Over low to low-medium heat (#2-3 burner level) begin to melt your butter. Once melted, mix the almonds into the butter and slowly cook for 10 minutes or until brown. Make sure to watch your almonds closely and stir them continuously as not burn them you stoner. You want to also line a plate with paper towels to pour them on and then top the almonds with about a 1/4 tsp of salt and that’s it, you’re done. Store your almonds in an air tight container and they will last for at least a week or two. Again, these treats can be made with just regular salted butter for a non-canna option as well. Also, you will be left with a decent amount of Brown Cannabutter at the end as the almonds will only soak up so much. This butter is a delicacy, so save as much as you can. Then you can re-use the butter to heat up some broccoli or carrots. Never waste what you don’t need to and always reuse what you can.

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