The former stereotype of the lazy stoner is being gradually forgotten as the regular cannabis user these days can be anyone, and the health conscious population deserves to have options for using marijuana! If you’re mostly a smoker, the choice of medicating before or after your workout is more contingent upon the exercise and the strains you prefer. For edibles, where the strain makes less of a difference, you just want to know you can enjoy marijuana without breaking your newly formed good eating habits. The good news for cannabis users looking to get in shape is that they can hop on the keto bandwagon and still get their high.

I love the idea of keto edibles, because the ketogenic diet is all about the consumption of protein and fats while doing a hard cut of carbohydrates and sugar. While strict keto isn’t for everyone, its basic ideas are a great start point for those who are unsure of how to improve their diet. When your predominant fuel does not come from carbs, the body goes into ketosis which results in increased efficiency at burning fat. The anti-inflammatory nature of CBD makes it an ideal part of cooling down the muscles after a strenuous workout. My usual routine after I’ve done a sweat-heavy set of exercises is to smoke and then eat. Instead of allowing these two separate needs to throw me off my nutrition, I can combine their functions to refuel and medicate my body. All of these factors make a perfect marriage of keto and cannabis because the most important factor in keto snacks is fat! And you need cannabutter or canna-oil to whip those up.

High Times went so far as to list 5 keto edible recipes, but most of them require a decent amount of effort, and if you’re hitting the gym regularly, you may not also want to take the time to bake keto pretzels. It seems like keto recipes are always trying to make up for the fact that you’re not supposed to eat regular bread, but all of the delicious things keto does allow you to eat are even better. My favorite post-workout edible would have to be their vanilla ice cream recipe, available here. It requires minimal effort, and the best part is… CANNABIS ICE CREAM! Instead of sugar, the recipe suggests a stevia alternative, in keeping with the keto diet. I love this recipe because it tastes, for the most part, like regular delicious ice cream, but I’m getting a good dose of protein to replenish, all while medicating. I feel like the ice cream goes particularly well after a workout, because its cool, creamy, and a treat. Instead of going to Jamba Juice for 24 ounces of sugar, make a better choice by making a big batch of special vanilla ice cream. Your body will thank you.

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