When it comes to Cannabis flower I consider myself a tiny bit of a connoisseur,  which really just means I’m willing to spend a little extra money if the product appears to be worth it. Let’s be real, there’s so much flower these days that sells you on the pretty packaging or the name but when you get to the actual fruit, the taste and potency is sub-par. I’ve been a victim of this too many times to count.

But recently I was introduced to a line of strains from a well known cannabis grower, “Exotikz” by Berner who is famed for having his own cut of Girl Scout Cookies (The Berner cut). The producers of this line “The Jungle Boys” are also respected growers in the Los Angeles area so there was a lot of buzz behind this. At first I was hesitant to make the purchase as the price point of $17USD a gram was a little bit out of my comfort zone and I’m always a little afraid of hype. But the word on the street was positive and the nugs had the look of straight fire, so I took a shot.

I decided to test out their Wedding Cake strain which is a highly sought after Indica-Dominant hybrid that crosses Berner’s Girl Scout Cookies (OG Kush X Durban Poison) with Cherry Pie (Grandaddy Purple X Durban Poison). At first glance you could see the buds were perfectly manicured and had a diamond coated layer of trichomes. The smell was heavy as I got more of it’s skunky cookies tones and a buttery finish that really caught my attention. Overall I would define it as earthy grapes with heavy diesel notes.

I decided to let her rip in my “Othership” Faberge Egg bong and while breaking her up I caught more of the grape smell of the Grand Daddy Purple and Durban Poison lineage with that OG Kush aroma lingering about. The nug was perfectly cured as it snapped easily with still enough stickiness to make it a little difficult to grind up. I used just enough to get a perfect snapper and I was very much pleased with the smooth inhale of this decadent treat. On exhale the Girl Scout Cookie flavor was prevalent along with what I can only describe as buttery lemons on my tongue and it was delicious. As for potency, one good hit was enough to have me feeling real good. This is some strong cannabis that I would not recommend for those with low tolerance. After my second load let’s just say I didn’t get much done and slept that night like a baby.

Overall I was very pleased with this Wedding Cake cut and would say when it comes to flavor and aroma she gets a 9.1/10 which is a very high score for me. As for the potency this was some heady smoke so I gave it a 9.2/10 which makes it one of the Top 3 strains I have sampled in 2018. Now to be honest I have since sampled a few other strains from Exotikz that were not up to par with the Wedding Cake but were still good smoke at the end of the day just not worth the $17USD per gram.


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