CBD products are a part of what is estimated to be a billion-dollar marijuana industry here in the United States. For those unfamiliar with CBD oil, its scientific name is cannabidiol. It’s a naturally occurring substance in cannabis, derived from hemp that isn’t psychoactive like THC but still has all the great effects. Hemp is a non-psychoactive plant primarily for use in clothing, paper, biofuels, bioplastics, dietary supplements, cosmetics, and personal care products, and foods. Hemp is cultivated outdoors as a large crop with both male and female plants being present to foster pollination and increase seed production.

CBD is legal in all but four states, and it’s becoming increasingly accessible in stores. CBD was first discovered in the 1940s by Roger Adams, a chemistry professor at the University of Illinois. Adams separated the CBD oil from the hemp itself to study its properties and found it had many benefits. In 1980, Dr. Mechoulam made another breakthrough in CBD history when he ran a study which showed cannabidiol could be a key factor in treating epilepsy.

I had the chance to try out the CBD Daily products and have brought a detailed review for those of you who’ve ever considered using CBD products to regulate aches and pains. CBD Daily is a CBD infused skincare line that has a variety of products catering to a wide variety of pain and soreness, especially sore muscles and cramping. CBD Daily is a subsidy of Earthly Body, a family-owned company that’s been creating high quality, hemp-based personal care products since 1996.

The first product is the CBD Soothing Serum. This is a fast-absorbing serum that is full of essential oils and other naturally derived ingredients that aid to sooth sore muscles, relieves aches and pains, and reduces discomfort almost instantly. The key ingredients in this serum are cannabidiol (CBD) oil, hemp seed oil, avocado oil, basil, eucalyptus, lavender, and niaouli oils, peppermint oil, jojoba oil, coconut oil, and apricot oil. When applied topically, the CBD oil works with the body’s endocannabinoid system to soothe sore muscles. Hemp seed oil is a super powerful antioxidant that helps protect against environmental stresses. Avocado, basil, eucalyptus, lavender, and niaouli oils are refreshing, moisturizing oils that hydrate the skin, promote calmness, and relieve tension.

This serum is a lifesaver. I hate taking OTC medication and this has virtually replaced Tylenol and Advil for me. Apply some of this serum to your forehead for headaches or migraines and within minutes you’ll feel relief. After a tough workout or heavy running, my knees often ache. Application of this soothing serum almost immediately relieves knee joint pain and any muscle tension. This product is 100% vegan and not tested on animals. I highly recommend it.

The next product I got to try was the CBD Daily Intensive cream. This product is ultra-moisturizing and contains many of the same essential oils as the soothing serum. Some of the key ingredients aside from CBD oil and hemp seed oil are pine and cedarwood oils, aloe, cucumber, rose hip, and lemongrass extracts, as well as shea butter oil. The aloe, cucumber, rose hip, and lemongrass extracts work together to reduce pain caused by inflammation.

Aside from the fact that this cream smells heavenly, it actually works to relieve my pain. I suffer from sickle cell anemia and it works to relieve my minor sickle cell pains in my back and joints. It works within 10 minutes and I’m able to sleep soundly. This cream would also work for anyone who has arthritis pain, TMJ, chronic pain, and even fibromyalgia. The CBD Daily Intensive Cream is also 100% vegan and definitely highly recommended to soothe everything from athletic injuries to menstrual pain to chronic aches and pains.

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