The benefits of a vegan diet far outnumber the disadvantages. Adding more animal free products into your meal plans can reduce your chances for developing certain kinds of cancers, lowers your risk for heart disease, and helps with pain reduction caused by arthritis. Eating vegan will also increase your nutrient intake, as well as help with losing excess weight. We won’t even go into the benefit for reducing worldwide pollution… wait jk yes we will.

Animal farming is responsible for more air pollution that all of the cars, ships, trucks and planes in the world combined, for one. You can also thank factory farming for acid rain, 80% of all ammonia emissions into the air in the U.S., liquid manure being sprayed into the air and diseases like Swine Flu and Avaian Flu. We’re not saying to go vegan, but maybe start including more animal free products in your life. (Gluten and dairy free pizza can actually legit be really good … we’ve tried it during our worst hangovers.)

When we smoke, we eat. Sometimes, we eat what we’d usually smoke. But knowing what we know, we want to eat clean(er). Veganism is a lifestyle that requires significant forethought and consistent diligence. Everything a vegan puts into their mouth has to be checked, in some cases of even being manufactured in the same location as animal products. Munchies are a powerful thing… it can be difficult to check every pack and ingredient of every snack instead of just grabbing it.  Our solution to this dilemma is to make it ourselves. So, we’d like to share some delish recipes for that’ll leave you happy but not guilty.

  • Who doesn’t love Rice Crispy Treats? Who doesn’t love it more if they’re gluten free? Who definitely loves it if they’re also Cannabis Infused?! We do.
  • We found a Vegan Canna-Banana Sundae that’s bombed out with banana, coconut, and cocoa to die. Complete with canna-oil, this treat is the best muscle relaxer/pain relief that we could ever hope for lol.
  • This Cannabis-Infused Honey recipe is an awesome addition to any tea mug. While a bit messy to make, it’s super useful and can be used in any recipe that calls for – you guessed it – honey! What’s awesome about this is that you can add any herb you like, including lavender.
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