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Cooking with cannabis is a science that can be difficult to master. For those less culinarily inclined, fear not, you can still enjoy the benefits of a cannabis-infused meal without the hassle. Residents of California are blessed with the presence of Jeffthe420Chef, the inventor of “tasteless” cannabutter and cannaoil.

Jeffthe420Chef occasionally holds events like medicated brunches here in Los Angeles where regular cannabis consumers and newbies alike can enjoy a cannabis-infused meal, courtesy of the gourmet chef himself.

His website is teeming with recipes and videos that are easy to follow along with for those willing to give cooking with cannabis a try. Consumers can even purchase his cookbook, The 420 Gourmet, filled with sophisticated recipes to help you master the art of making edibles at home. According to his website, Jeff the 420 Chef, “is the only cannabis chef in the world that specializes in cooking and baking with specially crafted, strain-specific “Light Tasting” and “Tasteless” canna-butters and canna-oils, created to achieve the health and wellness goals of those who choose to medicate with cannabis.”

If you can’t make it to one of his exclusive events and don’t trust yourself cooking with cannabis alone, home cooks can also schedule a personal cooking lesson in their home with Jeff where he teaches you how to properly prepare and dose everything from dinners and snacks to desserts.

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His website details, “JeffThe420Chef offers private meal preparations for MMJ patients in 31 states as well as dinner parties, event catering and special menu items for private events such as wedding cakes in “recreational” states!” Take advantage of this and have Jeff make the wedding cake for your cannabis wedding! If you’re having the chef come to you for a private meal preparation, all you have to do is provide the cannabis and he can handle the rest. How convenient!

Jeff, a Fairfax/West Hollywood native, began his brand with a dream and a Mocha Java Canna-Cupcake. The rest is history.

Colorado natives have the pleasure of companies like My420Tours that raise awareness for businesses like cannabis friendly hotels, greenhouse and dispensary tours, cannabis massages, as well as things like a sushi and joint rolling class! They also offer educational courses like their marijuana concentrates class which teaches the basics of concentrates and consumption methods, a cannabis wellness tour that covers the medical and therapeutic benefits of cannabis and provides a physician’s perspective on the plant, and even a cannabis grow course where students can learn the fundamentals of indoor cultivation from expert growers.

At the forefront of cannabis tourism, My420Tours is making cannabis culture more accessible in the state of Colorado. As explained on their site, “Our vision is to connect the cannabis community worldwide through educational and authentic experiences. We aim to dispel shame and replace it with knowledge, understanding, acceptance. We have welcomed more than 10,000 guests on our tours over more than five years, bringing people together from across the country and around the globe. We proudly guide them through the phenomenon of the cannabis industry, always abiding by our sky-high standards.”

Founder and CEO of My 420 Tours, Danny Schaefer, is taking cannabis tourism to the next level with all-inclusive cannabis vacations and has been a longtime advocate for the medical, recreational, and therapeutic uses of marijuana. Their blog covers topics ranging from 420 restaurant recommendations, weed games, Denver vacation tips, and more!

Whether you’re a novice chef or seasoned home cook, Jeffthe420Chef and My420Tours are making medicated meals and cannabis tourism more accessible while eliminating the stigma that comes with marijuana usage.

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