Edibles can be tricky to nail. The wrong combination of flower in your flour and poor choice of flavors to blend them might not ruin your high, but it won’t taste nice. When we have the technology to ingest weed in any manner of ways, we should find it delicious when choosing to bake it into a treat!

Getting high from your efforts in the kitchen isn’t challenging per-say the most basic edibles will be effective if you simply break down cannabis into fat! Yet, you can get extremely scientific and custom with your edibles and their desired high. Here are some basic tools that every edible baker should keep in their kitchen to get the best possible results for their goods.

  1. Cheesecloth

Every beginner’s guide to making edibles will tell you a cheesecloth is necessary, but lots of novice bakers who want to attempt edibles just don’t have them. If you’re desperate and cheap like me, you might try to use a strainer and paper towel. Don’t do it! You’ll definitely have bits of weed in your teeth. If you want to get very refined butter or oil, the cloth will do the trick for finely extracting the plant matter from your cannabis butter.

  1. Vitamix

A Vitamix is fancy option that can blend or mix any ingredients finely enough that you might not even need the cloth. A high quality blender is much more than that- a food processor and mixer! A top shelf blender, like a Vitamix, assists in a variety of methods beyond liquids, smoothies, and ice creams (for the daring). The mixer option on this can make batter or even thicker dough quickly. It may can finely mince your marijuana enough that if you wanted to (lazily) skip straining, although this won’t taste great. For a quick and dirty pot brownie, though, the ease makes the investment in this blender worthwhile.

  1. Slow cooker

A slow cooker is one of those appliances that will surprise you with its versatility. It will bind your fat to your cannabis easily, but will also bake or cook almost anything you can imagine. A slow cooker will assist in all sorts of easy, delicious recipes that you might not have thought of as being slow cooker compatible. Not only can you bake brownies… but blondies, breads, cakes, crumbles… All of these could be paired with or use cannabis oil instead of other fats to turn any of these recipes into a “special” version. Here are some recipes to modify and try, perfect for the chilly season! https://www.countryliving.com/food-drinks/g2639/slow-cooker-fall-desserts/

  1. Digital measuring spoon

This handy twist on a normal measuring spoon will have you not only save you from digging around for the teaspoon, but serves the dual purpose of controlling the cannabis dose to an exact level. While a scale might be better for heavier dosed batches, a digital measuring spoon allows you to be accurately and subtler with different strengths of edibles.

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