I am a morning person; one of those psychos that likes to wake up before 6am to start my day. I love the peace and quiet, and hitting the gym or going for a run while the first rays of sunlight are hitting the trails. Then I enjoy a pacifying wake and bake and take on the rest of the day, along with a large mug of bulletproof coffee.

For those unfamiliar, “bulletproofing” your coffee means adding butter (or coconut oil), which allows the caffeine and other nutrients to permeate into your bloodstream at a more constant rate due to the way your body metabolizes the excess fats. Yes, fats can be great, regardless of what you hear on commercials and read in magazines. This is also why historically, many edibles like cookies, brownies, and other baked goods had huge amounts of canna-butter; THC binds to the fats in butter very well. That dank buttery flavor is so heavenly, isn’t it? It’s so good, that I love adding it to my coffee in the morning! If you enjoy coffee, you’ll love this; if you like wake n’ baking, I’ll have you converted by the end of this article for sure.

There are a few ways to bulletproof your coffee; so if you happen to be vegan or lactose-intolerant, I’ve got you covered as well. This isn’t the *official* recipe, which is a trademarked thing but it’s economical and arguably better because it gets you lifted. Start off with your preferred coffee, espresso, or even hot chocolate if you want a caffeine-free version. Then grab your favorite canna-butter or infused coconut oil – you should have an idea of your dosage based on the product’s packaging (or kudos to you for making your own, Martha Stewart and Snoop Dogg are stoked for you).

2 ways to mix it: blending is ideal because it speeds up the process that the coffee or espresso will bind with the fats while it’s hot, and it naturally adds a foamy element. You could also whisk it for a similar effect. Or, just an old fashioned spoon is fine. Whatever you decide to do, it’s going to be thicker and creamier than usual.

Now, I personally like to add a tablespoon of maple syrup, especially if I’m using butter. The flavor combination is perfect. For coconut oil, I like to use virgin unrefined oil because it retains the distinct nutty flavor. Really depends on your palette, and of course you can add whatever else you normally put in your coffee.

After a cup, I usually feel the caffeine set in first around 15-20 minutes in, and around 40 minutes or so I’m floating and feeling great. I recommend starting light, just like any other forms of ingesting THC. Another great perk of dosed coffee is you can put it in a thermos or canteen and take it virtually anywhere. Stay floating covertly, even at work or in class (not that you would ever do such a thing, right?).

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