One of the very first products I ever ordered from Ease was their Athletic Formula Epsom Salt Soak…I was curious about what a topical effect would feel like. My back had gone out twice in the past year and I’d been trying everything from stretches to eating raw turmeric root, which I still currently do. (In fact my back went out again in the last two weeks and I’m recovering as I write this article.) For those of you that know, back pain is freaking terrible. I used to run a lot as a teenager and the very first time I felt intense back pain was when I was about 17. The pain started in my lower back and would shoot down my legs, which I later found out is sciatica. The kind of muscle pain I have is acute, which means that while the spasms can be debilitating to the extent that I can’t really walk or move for a week, they do go away completely.

I had read about the anti-inflammatory benefits of not only using Epsom soaks to relieve muscle pain, but also marijuana infused bath salts as well. Topical products aren’t meant to give you the same high as flower or edibles, but the effect is supposed to help ease anxiety, calm the nervous system, have an anti-inflammatory effect, help with balancing out the skin and help with sleep.

The reason this works is because weed infused products use cannabidiol, or CBD, which won’t get you high like THC, but does have medicinal properties like the ones mentioned above. The formula that Ease carried at the time did have THC in it, 25% worth, and I was curious as to what the effect would be. Because I’ve dealt with anxiety for over 10 years, and also have muscle spasms, I thought to give it a shot.

It came in a lovely package and smelled of lavender oil. The salt is unfortunately no longer on the site, but I was able to look it up and grab a fast screenshot of a remaining description page that shows up as a glitch. It was made with organic medical cannabis, avocado oil, apricot kernel oil, jojoba oil, essential oils and baking soda. There was no smell of weed at all, which is perfect, because I didn’t want to smell after a bath.  The salt was pretty fine and had bits of lavender sprinkled throughout. I poured about half the bag into bathtub and got in. After a few minutes I started to feel my muscles start to relax. My skin started to tingle and there was a definite calming effect. After I’d sat in the bath for about 40 minutes, I got out to soft, smooth, gently scented skin and full body relaxation. I slept like a baby that night. Although Ease’s product was the first topical marijuana infused product I’d ever tried, I’m excited to try other products… will keep you posted!

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