I am obsessed with tea. I don’t know anyone personally that has a larger collection than myself. Unless you’re a Chinese herbalist or some sort of forest witch, I definitely have better stuff than you. And while many of them are perfect to sip the way they are after proper steeping, sometimes you can’t beat adding honey.

So, what could make your favorite cup of tea better when it’s already the perfect sipping temperature, the aroma is filling your room, and you’ve blessed it with just the right amount of honey?

I’m glad you asked. Let me tell you a story.

It’s early 2012, here in California, when the cannabis laws were still strictly medical and there were still a lot of grey areas for various products. My housemate at the time gets home and seems pretty stoked, then shows me a jar that I assumed to be either maple syrup or honey – except it had a green tint in addition to the amber glow. “I just got some weed infused honey!” He exclaimed. “Hell yeah dude,” I naturally responded. “Let’s try it out.”

A few hours later, my usual tea-time approached so I decided to brew some rooibos tea and unwind for the night. Once my mug was full and ready to go, I grabbed the jar of golden-green slime and opened it to take a whiff. I noticed the distinct pungency right away, but it was a lot milder than a jar of nugs. Great sign for sure; I knew this was going to have noticeable effects. Due to the year of obtaining it, and based on whatever clinic my housemate bought it, there is no labeling of any sort, so I don’t have exact info on the THC dosage. I decided to go with 1 tablespoon in my tea. The extremely familiar dank notes permeated each sip, and I finished my tea in about 15 minutes. Excellent.

I was feeling the onset before I finished drinking it, and about 20 minutes in I was easing into a sense of higher gravity and giddiness. I decided not to smoke at all for the night so I could fully experience the honey high with no interference. About an hour in I was feeling sublime. I had the tight-eyed-obviously-stoned look, sedated yet not couch-locked and paralyzed, and thankfully did not have the munchies.

I spent the night listening to music in my room – didn’t talk to my roomies because it was rather late and I like to enjoy solitude for the last few hours of the night. I felt peaceful and tranquil, and I’m sure I would have been laughing every 2 minutes uncontrollably if I ended up chatting with anyone or watching TV or a movie. I could just feel that I was close to that point. At the end of my night, I was able to drift to sleep effortlessly and woke up refreshed with no lingering effects early the following morning.

Based on this experience and other infusions I’ve had that provided the dosage information, I’m estimating that I had 15-20mg of THC this time. For daily smokers, this would be an effective dose with minimal or zero paranoia; I wouldn’t recommend going to work or driving. I know that now there are many reputable honey infusions for recreational use. Make sure to shop around and check out the various dosages to see what’s perfect for your needs.

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