Edibles are a fantastic way to get medicated without the hassle and unwanted odor of traditional smoking. Fans of cannabis-infused treats and chocolates most likely think of Kiva Confections when recalling well-known brands. I’m here to bring up a strong contender of the mainstream brand: La Familia Chocolates.

La Familia Chocolates is a product of Los Angeles distributed through HerbanMedi.com and many dispensaries throughout California. They incorporate a lot of classic and traditional flavors familiar to LA natives such as white chocolate marzipan, Mexican hot chocolate, frescas con crema, also known as strawberries and cream, dark chocolate cajeta, white chocolate horchata, and mint dark chocolate. Kiva Confections chocolates only range from 60mg-180mg. La Familia Chocolate starts at 200mg per bar. That’s a whole 20mg more than Kiva at a cheaper price point!

Using Weedmaps I was able to find a dispensary that carried these chocolate bars! For those unfamiliar with Weedmaps, it’s an app and website for medical and recreational marijuana users to find local doctors, dispensaries, delivery services, brands, and discuss experiences! With a database of over 3,000 medical dispensaries, Weedmaps is the most comprehensive community for consumers to discover a wide array of businesses and products.

Cash in hand, I hurried over to Alhambra Church of Cannabis where I purchased the Horchata White Chocolate bar. If you’ve never had horchata, it’s a refreshing Mexican drink, also known as agua fresca, made from cinnamon, rice, vanilla, and water. Almond milk or coconut milk may be subbed for the water and it can be sweetened with condensed milk, sugar, maple syrup, or your preferred sweetener. The La Familia chocolate bar is simple and to the point containing just cinnamon, rice milk, and vanilla.

I’m that person that pays no mind to serving sizes and, in the comfort of my home, ate 4 squares of the 12 square containing bar. This was 17mg over the recommended serving size of 50mg or 3 squares. The sensation of calm and relaxation was gradual at first, building to the point where I could hardly keep my eyes open. The creamy texture and spicy sweetness of the chocolate bar kind of made me forget that it wasn’t regular candy. The horchata white chocolate flavor is super decadent and the marijuana flavor is quite faint, making it easy to inhale more squares than necessary. Over the course of four hours, I realized my monumental mistake in not heeding the serving size. It was just after the two-hour mark that I began to feel the slowing of my reflexes and I began to cross into that threshold of “too high.”

Those who enjoy a productive high can sympathize. The recommended 50mg serving is perfect for anyone who wants the anxiety-reducing, calming effects of THC while still maintaining focus and consciousness. If you eat any more like I did, be sure you have time for a nap. It was probably one of the best naps of my life but very unexpected. It was one of those naps where you wake up feeling like you spent the night at a music festival and have no idea who you are anymore.

Overall, I really enjoyed my experience with this cannabis-infused chocolate. The usual overpowering flavor of canna-butter isn’t prevalent in this yummy treat and the effects are stronger than more expensive cannabis-infused chocolate competitors. 10/10 would recommend. Support your local businesses and explore the world of edibles one step at a time with La Familia Chocolate. Give it a try and let us know which flavors you love in the comments!

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