Looking to go beyond the use of cannabis as an intoxicant and tap into the long list of the plant’s various health benefits? Cannabis is reshaping the wellness industry in a major way, but its use as a medicinal product is nothing new. Long before its classification as a Schedule I drug, cannabis was employed by myriad people for its ability to fight nausea, anxiety, epilepsy, and pain. It’s only more recently, however, that we’ve come to better understand the workings of the endocannabinoid system, leading to more precise and holistic approaches to treating and preventing different sorts of ailments. With increased knowledge into the many benefits of cannabis consumption comes new ways of upping your wellness game, from tinctures and bath salt to more, well, sensual options. Below are a few products that will have you glowing from the inside out.

Kin Slips

Sublingual strips—breath-strip-like squares that dissolve under your tongue—don’t get a lot of hype. But unlike edibles, which can be dulled by stomach acidity, sublingual cannabis products are absorbed straight into the bloodstream through the mouth’s membrane in under 15 minutes. The result is less of a body high and closely mimics the effects of smoking. Kin Slips offers a variety of formulas to fit your goals: a tarragon and citrus sativa blend to keep the creativity flowing; basil and watermelon slips for winding down before bed; and a mango and turmeric variety with 10 mg of CBD. Kin Slips also come in a variety of doses, meaning that you can turn to your sublingual stash whether you’re looking to microdose or medicate more strongly.

Quim Rock

Remember the days when methods THC absorption was, for most of us, limited to smoking and ingesting? Quim Rock, which touts itself as a THC-centric self-cafe line “for humans with vaginas,” shows just how far we’ve come. The two intimate oils on offer—Sensitive and Curious—heighten sensation and libido while enhancing overall health (without producing noticeable psychoactive effects), which benefits everyone, regardless of what’s under their clothes.

Whoopi & Maya

Yes, that Whoopi. Goldberg has teamed up with Maya Elizabeth, founder of Om Edibles, to create a line aimed at easing menstrual discomfort. Even if you’re not fighting monthly maladies, these concoctions are great for soothing muscle aches. The line includes products like Soak, an Epsom Salt-based soak, which is offered in both scented and fragrance-free formulas, touts its ability to promote improved muscle and nerve function while promoting relaxation. Rub, a blend of beeswax, willow bark, chamomile, and cannabis, is great for tackling back pain.

Mary’s Medicinals Transdermal Patch

Some of us are of the set-it-and-forget-it ilk. If that sounds like you, you’d do good to check out transdermal patches, which can be applied to any venous area of the body to release up to 12 hours of relief. They’re discrete, unfussy, and come in a variety of strains and strengths.

Dixie Elixer Dew Drops in Synergy

Great for when you’re on the go, these tiny vials offer an array of CBD and THC ratios and dose options for when you’re looking for no-stress, reliable, and efficient medicating. Of particular note is Dixie’s Synergy Blend, which carries a 1:1 ratio of THC to CBD. With a precise dropper to help you measure, Synergy promotes anti-inflammatory and calming effects with a more functional, clear-headed high.

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