Topicals aren’t usually my product of choice but Apotecanna lotions will make a believer out of you. These slightly scented creams definitely won’t get you high, nor are they meant to, but they promise to take your muscles into a state of relaxed bliss without a hint of marijuana smell. Each product line has a different scent but they’re not not much more noticeable than other herbal lotions like camphor cream or Tiger’s Balm.

Apotecanna is ideal for athletes and, I’d venture could also help out people with joint of muscle issues. The Extra Strength cream is a lifesaver when it comes to sports injuries or even those awkward kinks in your neck from sleeping on a plane.

This formula includes arnica (commonly found in homeopathic remedies for paining inflammation), juniper and peppermint in addition to THC. Unlike other topical pain relief creams Apotecanna’s Extra Strength doesn’t burn, tingle or feel Icy-Hot. It doesn’t irritate my sensitive skin and provides pain relief without all the added sensations. It’s so subtle that I keep a bottle in my gym bag and may or may not have applied it on an airplane too.

They also make a slightly less intense version called Relieving. But I’d say opt for the Extra Strength and just use less or mix if with an unscented, lightweight lotion.

The Calming formula promises a similar effect without the pain relieving properties. It’s active ingredients are lavender, chamomile, frankincense, and cannabis – basically everything you’d like to have in a night time tea, with the exception of frankincense.

The Circulating line of lotions is ideal for people with circulation issues or arthritis. I’ve never tried this formula but the combination of ginger, capsaicin (yes, the spicy stuff in cili peppers), grapefruit and calendula sounds like it could work wonders. I would be a little skeptical of how the formula would react with super sensitive skin though – capsaicin could be a potential irritant.

On the other end of the spectrum, Apotecanna makes an Everyday formula for daily use. This light but moisturizing formula has a citrus-y scent thanks to active ingredients; mandarin, sweet orange, cedar, geranium and calendula. It’s still cannabis-infused but the main purpose of this lotion is skin hydration. I’d prefer to spend my money on cannabis-infused products with a more direct purpose but, if you have the cash to spare, this lotion smells pretty darn good.

Apoteecanna also makes a Sexy Time oil for use before intimacy. Repeat – it is not lube (although cannabis-infused lubricants exist, this is not one of them). Directions say to apply to erogenous zones, such as the neck and chest, 15 minutes prior to intimacy. Its active ingredients – coconut, jasmine and argan – promise a sexually smooth application and soft jasmine aroma. I’d guess that the cannabis in this formula aids in relaxation.

Overall Apotecanna is a high-quality company with an effective line of cannabis-infused topicals. While the Everyday formal seems a bit superfluous to me, the rest of their products really do speak for themselves. After trying three other brands, I always return to Apotecanna. I just can’t wait for them to branch out into lip balms, face masks and other skincare products.

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