We all have our reasons for living it up: an appreciation for thoughtful design, a treat at the end of a long week, or—if you’re particularly lucky—an overstuffed wallet. Whatever your reason for seeking premium indulgences, the ever-expanding cannabis market provides the discerning consumer with ample options for imbibing in style. With the recent wave of cannabis legalization comes a sea of mediocre offerings that largely fall into two camps: those that, without a pinch of nuance, leave you couch-locked and dazed, and those that, even more disappointingly, fail to provide more than a weak buzz. And that’s to say nothing of the poorly-crafted vapes, hokey Bob Marley imagery, and Comic Sans fonts clogging dispensary shelves.

There are an increasing number of brands, however, offering alternatives for those with cash to spare and an eye for aesthetics. The products on offer in this category have set themselves apart through attention to craftsmanship, unusual ingredients, and select distribution. Long gone are the days of the flimsy, plastic dime bag. With an eye for design—and designer endorsements to boot—these selections will enhance your aesthetic as well as your high. So, take a seat in the lap of luxury, and make sure to grab a snack on your way over; given the immersive nature (and top-shelf quality) of these products, you might want to stick around for a while.


Mondo Dust

Is your flavor of bougie more Gwyneth Paltrow than Snoop Dog? Most of us are familiar with the psychoactive benefits of cannabis consumption, but less about how regular use might be of benefit beyond the high it provides. Thanks to brands like Mondo, biohacking is no longer limited to the realm Soylent-fueled Silicon Valley tech bros. In fact, cannabis microdosing—ingesting a dose of THC small enough to induce a cellular response without the psychoactive effects. Developed to reduce anxiety and sourced from single-source, organically grown Blue Dream flowers, Mondo’s creamy texture and subtle cacao flavor make it a seamless addition to post-yoga smoothies or pick-me-up matcha lattes, and its 5 mg scoop makes for effortless and precise dosing.


Monk Drinking Botanicals

Monk knows that cocktails need not be purely alcohol based. Known for their signature “Drinking Botanicals,” the brand offers a range of aromatic flavors that make for a great cocktail base or refreshing cooler (rosemary, orange peel, and lemon? Yes, please!). With a variety of doses and flavors on offer, all you’ll need is a few ice cubes, a flavorless La Croix, and a sprig of herbs to sip in style.


Kush Queen Bath Bomb

A long soak in a bath means hitting pause on the bustle of life to indulge the senses; is there anything more luxurious? To reach peak relaxation, toss a CBD-infused bath bomb into your next tub. Each variety—like sleep, relax, and awaken, matched with different essential oils to respectively invigorate or calm—evokes a different mood. You may have more reasons to run the tub than you previously thought.


Garden Society Bright Blooms

Popping a Bright Bloom gelée is, for all intents and purposes, the equivalent of eating a weed-infused Turkish Delights with a California twist. These saccharine cubes include tasting notes like passion fruit and basil and, with their bright colors and sugar-dusted tops, are a divine treat to pass around at an intimate gathering.


Lola Lola

While beautiful packaging can easily sway the consumer, it’s a serious disappointment when the goods within don’t live up to a flashy exterior. Luckily, what you’ll find inside Lola Lola’s gorgeously designed, psychedelic-but-tasteful pre-roll pack is three joints composed of top-shelf flowers and unbleached paper. With myriad strain options available, why not give your hands a break and let someone else roll for once?


Défoncé Chocolate

With mentions in fashion magazines, newspapers, and celebrity blogs, Défoncé chocolate bars aren’t exactly the underdog of luxury cannabis. Yes, these handcrafted beauties will certainly get you buzzed (each bar packs 90 mg of THC), but they’ll also treat you to ethically sourced cacao that’s crafted into sweets by veteran chocolatiers. Packaged in minimalist but striking boxes, Défoncé (which means “stoned” in French) bars make great gifts or shareable treats.


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