Despite the surge of cannabis legislation, not every state or country supports the use of medical or recreational marijuana. For the cannabis consumer who wants ultimate discretion and potent dose, the GoldMist THC spray from TetraLabs seems like a solid choice.

I got to try a double strength GoldMist THC spray (500 mg) on a recent trip and found it lackluster and a bit harsh. Sublingual tincture sprays are applied under the tongue for fast absorption. The effects are supposed to come on after 10 to 15 minutes and last for one to two hours. I felt very minimal effects like a light and distant high that isn’t quite there.

GoldMist comes in 250 or 500mg borosilicate vials with 3 mg and 6 mg of THC per spray, respectively. The 3.5 ml vial contains 80 sprays. I started off with four sprays or 24 mg of THC and felt barely perceptible effects.

Sublingual tincture sprays can provide cannabis consumers with quick relief and precise doses time after time. For people who want to avoid the smell and health effects of smoke, cannabis sprays are a dependable choice.

In theory, cannabis sprays should be potent and discrete methods of cannabis consumption. GoldMist’s THC sprays have a cinnamon flavor that left the underside of my tongue feeling raw and sensitive. It can double as a breath freshener, but the taste was a bit too jarring for me.

The GoldMist spray was an appropriate choice for travel since the vial looks like any standard perfume or liquid container. Cannabis sprays have a long shelf life and can last more than a year if kept in a cool, dark, and dry refrigerator.

GoldMist sprays come in THC/CBD and CBD-only versions that have been lab-tested for pesticides, extraction solvents, and mold. The THC spray I purchased retailed for $60, while the 250 mg version was $40. Their CBD spray contains 100 mg of hemp-derived CBD with 1.25 mg per spray and pineapple flavoring.

Using a cannabis spray can be easy and predictable since a tiny atomizer sprays exact doses into the mouth. Medical cannabis patients can medicate whenever and wherever with cannabis sprays. Sprays can be fast-acting providing relief for people who need it on-the-spot.

The effects of edibles like weed cookies and drinks can take between one to two hours to kick. With cannabis sprays, cannabis users know within minutes if they feel effects. GoldMist recommends new users to spray one two two sprays and wait for 30 minutes and increase as necessary every 30 minutes until users achieve their desired effects.

GoldMist sprays are made using PureGold cannabinoid oil, coconut oil, food-grade alcohol, and natural flavors. Their cannabis oil tests at around 74 percent THC with 4 percent CBD. They have a single strength (1x) and double strength (2x) version.

Customers can’t order THC products online, but they can order their CBD sprays and other products like softgels. California medical or recreational cannabis patients can purchase from participating dispensaries. TetraLabs donates medication to patients in need. They currently have a waiting list going, but prospective patients can fill out an application to receive a donated medication.

While GoldMist’s line of THC sprays seemed like a wise pick at the time, my one-time use left me wanting for more. I felt like I needed more than eight sprays due to my high tolerance, although, new users may find the spray potent and worthwhile. The lack of flavors also prevented me from buying it again. For now, I’ll stick to THC cartridges as my preferred consumption method due to their potency and convenience.

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