Flight Farms produces some of the best THC vape cartridges in California. A division of multi-award-winning Los Angeles Kush company, Flight Farms makes cannabis cartridges for the high tolerance user or those looking for strong relief from THC.

After purchasing a slew of disappointing THC cartridges, I, unintentionally, found Los Angeles Kush, and later on, Flight Farms vape cartridges. Flight Farms’ 500 and 1000 mg cartridges come in a small box or canister with the bold red or blue Flight Farms logo resembling an aircraft.

I went through cheap “house” cartridges and a majority of California vape brands before I settled on Flight Farms and LA Kush as my go-to choices. Flight Farms, specifically, packs a potent punch after just a couple of puffs.

So, what makes a good vape cartridge? I found that an efficient and consistent cannabis cartridge must have the following characteristics:

  • It’s lab-tested
  • It’s solvent and pesticide-free
  • The oil tastes great

Flight Farms’ line of high concentration THC oil cartridges covers all of those bases. Their cartridges are the first to use ceramic core CCELL technology created by Jupiter Research. Traditional cartridges use a wick and coil to heat the oil leading to inconsistent heating and a burnt flavor.

The ceramic CCELL core is porous ensuring the oil is continuously and efficiently heating at a steady rate. CCELL cores heat into the oil from the center outward reducing oil viscosity, thereby, improving airflow. Flight Farms uses a heating core that won’t burn the oil or alter the flavor of the terpenes.

Lab-testing has shown that a majority of the vape cartridges in the California market contain levels of pesticides and solvents above some states’ current thresholds. The long-term effects of inhaling pesticides and solvents from cannabis oil aren’t known yet. Because of this, some cannabis users have invested their own money into testing vape products themselves.

One diligent cannabis advocate known via Instagram as DatDude41510 performed independent testing on popular THC oil brands and his results have helped me steer clear of certain THC cartridge companies. While many brands failed their pesticides tests, Flight Farms soared above the rest with a potency of 81 percent THC cannabinoids and no pesticides.

Flight Farms has a wide range of flavorful THC cartridges that are tropical and fruity. My favorites have been Maui Mango, Strawbana, Cantaloupe, and Skywalker OG. Maui Mango contains myrcene, an aromatic terpene compound found in mangoes and many cannabis strains. Other Flight Farms cartridges include the following:

  • Piña Colada
  • Punch
  • King Louie XIII
  • White Grape

The company that makes Flight Farms, Los Angeles Kush, has won multiple High Times Cannabis Cups for their products. At the 2017 High Times Cannabis Cup, Flight Farms, Los Angeles Kush, and CHR won second place in the “Best Product” category.

Although Flight Farms recommends using their vape battery, I used a simple and cheap pen/stylus hybrid and a more rugged vape battery and both work fine. Flight Farms’ unique heating design improves flow and reduces overheating. Best of all, it provides a big, first draw every time.

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